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Global high yield: diminishing returns?

Kevin Mathews - 16 AUG 2017

Global high yield has been among the stronger asset classes in 2017, but with spreads already squeezed, where can investors find value?

Global Fixed income


Commodities: are low prices here to stay?

- 10 AUG 2017

Recent forecasts show global growth strengthening in 2017, but the outlook for commodities remains mixed.


Challenging times ahead for global real estate

Chris Urwin - 10 AUG 2017

Despite an improving economic outlook, global real estate is likely to offer lower returns over the next five years. But opportunities remain for discerning investors, writes Chris Urwin.

Global Real estate


Cambridge - a digital punt

Chris Urwin - 09 AUG 2017

Cambridge’s renowned science and technology hubs are helping the city flourish from the rise of the knowledge-based economy.

Real estate UK


Emerging-market investors should beware China’s credit cycle

Will Ballard - 27 JUL 2017

There are signs China’s credit cycle has begun to turn, with big implications for other emerging markets, writes Will Ballard.

Equities Emerging markets


Consumer debt: tipping point?

- 26 JUL 2017

Consumer debt is rising rapidly in the UK, the US and Canada. In each country, local factors are largely at work. Could these concerns be harbingers of wider economic problems?

Economic research Americas UK


EM opportunities stand out in search for income

Nick Samouilhan - 19 JUL 2017

Investors should increasingly look towards emerging markets for income as conditions in developed markets remain challenging, argues Nick Samouilhan.

Income Multi-strategy Emerging markets