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Equity volatility: what lies beneath

- 05 OCT 2017

While aggregate volatility of major stock indices continues to be atypically low, slowly but surely uncertainty is building up again in financial markets. Investors should take note.

Global Equities


US equities: back to the future

Giles Parkinson - 04 OCT 2017

While US equities may look expensive using some traditional yardsticks, there is reason to expect their marked outperformance of the past three decades may continue, argues Giles Parkinson.

Equities Americas


It’s the education, stupid!

Bryony Deuchars - 02 OCT 2017

The positive link between education and economic growth is well established. Bryony Deuchars explores what this means for emerging-market investors.

Equities Emerging markets


House View 2017 Q4

- 02 OCT 2017

The intelligence that guides our investment decisions. No-one can predict the future perfectly. But our House View represents the best collective judgement of Aviva Investors on the current and future investment environment.


The Chairman: How Xi Jinping is shaping China’s future

Will Ballard - 28 SEP 2017

The National Party Congress will leave the Chinese President more powerful than ever before. What does this mean for China – and the world?

Equities Economic research Emerging markets


European real estate outlook: value grows scarce

Monika Sujkowska - 27 SEP 2017

European real estate markets continue to benefit from improving economic confidence across the continent. But the cycle is advanced and good value is becoming harder to find, writes Monika Sujkowska.

Europe Real estate


Building blocs and doing deals

Ed Wiltshire - 26 SEP 2017

While the UK and US bluster towards new trading arrangements, the ASEAN region is quietly showing how it’s done, writes Ed Wiltshire.

Asia Pacific Equities