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India’s economic reforms: two steps forward, one step back

Will Ballard - 12 FEB 2017

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected in 2014, investors expected him to enact sweeping economic reforms. While progress has been slower than expected, India is moving in the right direction, writes Will Ballard.

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Emerging markets: is the engine for oil demand set to stall?

- 12 FEB 2017

Although oil demand is growing rapidly in India, the pace of expansion has moderated in other emerging markets including China and Brazil. As demand from emerging markets is vital in the global context, might the risks to the oil price be on the downside in 2017?

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The golden age of television

- 10 FEB 2017

Viewers and advertisers are the winners as legacy broadcasters fight back against the onslaught of the media insurgents led by Netflix and Amazon.

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A taxing conundrum

- 09 FEB 2017

The Republican Party’s proposals for the most radical overhaul of the US corporate taxation regime in a generation could have significant implications for equity and bond markets.

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Cities of the future

Chris Urwin - 09 FEB 2017

As more office jobs are set to be automated, forward-thinking investors need to think carefully about the sustainability of the cities where they choose to hold exposure.

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Global real estate returns likely to moderate in 2017

Sandip Bhalsod - 05 FEB 2017

Deploying capital effectively will make the difference to real estate investment performance this year in a crowded market.


Assessing the Trump effect: Q&A with Mary Rosenbaum

- 03 FEB 2017

With Donald Trump already making waves in the White House, we ask Mary Rosenbaum, managing director at macroeconomic policy advisory, Observatory Group, what to expect from his presidency.

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