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Can the' Tropical Trump' rescue Brazil?

- 06 DEC 2018

Markets may have reacted positively to the election of Jair Bolsonaro as president of Brazil, but investors would be advised to temper their optimism given the political challenges he will face when he takes office in the New Year.

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The Trump legacy

- 13 NOV 2018

As Donald Trump approaches the halfway point of his first term, there are signs his presidency will leave a lasting impact in America and beyond.


Sustainable investment needs a helping hand from regulators

Steve Waygood - 08 NOV 2018

Steve Waygood explains how insurers, policymakers and regulators can work together to manage the risks associated with climate change and encourage sustainable investment.

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The Italian budget drama

- 30 OCT 2018

The Italian government’s plans to sharply hike spending leave it on a collision course with the EU. But financial markets, as well as Brussels, will determine whether the populists in Rome can deliver on their electoral pledges.

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Earthquakes and economics: Bali IMF summit highlights the divergence in EM debt markets

- 18 OCT 2018

The recent Annual Meeting of the IMF reinforced that EM debt investors should pay extra attention to countries’ individual circumstances, write Aaron Grehan and Carmen Altenkirch.

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US holds the key to emerging markets' prospects

- 03 OCT 2018

With emerging market assets under pressure on the back of rising US interest rates, a strong dollar and an escalating trade war between the US and China, our equity and bond teams give their opinion on areas to avoid and where pockets of value are emerging.

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Duration: In it for the short-haul

Sunita Kara - 02 OCT 2018

Was it just ten years ago that the likes of Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner were household names and strange acronyms such as CDO were common parlance?