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UK real estate outlook: on the defensive

Tom Goodwin - 07 SEP 2017

With Brexit uncertainty hitting the economy and good value difficult to come by, it is time for UK real estate investors to implement defensive strategies, writes Tom Goodwin.

Real estate UK


Can India reap the demographic dividend?

Will Ballard - 06 SEP 2017

India’s economy lags China’s in many areas, but in one crucial respect it has the edge: its favourable demographic profile. But will India be able to capitalise on this advantage?

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North Korea: one step closer to the brink?

- 05 SEP 2017

Risk is rising on the Korean peninsula. We ask a political and market expert about the possible consequences.

Global Asia Pacific Equities


Healthcare: a stealthy return to favour in 2017

Richard Saldanha - 24 AUG 2017

The healthcare sector has bounced back in 2017, with returns running well ahead of the S&P 500 in the year-to-date, as Richard Saldanha explains.

Global Equities


Don’t follow the herd: taking advantage of behavioural biases

Giles Parkinson - 24 AUG 2017

The behavioural biases of investors offer opportunities to outperform so long as you avoid falling into the same traps, argues, Giles Parkinson.

Global Equities


Global high yield: diminishing returns?

Kevin Mathews - 16 AUG 2017

Global high yield has been among the stronger asset classes in 2017, but with spreads already squeezed, where can investors find value?

Global Fixed income


Europe’s hazardous route to a banking union

Oliver Judd - 14 AUG 2017

The bail out of two Italian lenders highlights that progress towards banking and fiscal union will be far from straightforward, argues Oliver Judd.

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