Liquidity management is a core capability at Aviva Investors, developed over many decades of managing cash and fixed income assets for our parent, Aviva plc - one of the largest financial institutions in the UK - and a number of third party investors.

Currently we manage over $74 billion for our clients1.

Our range of liquidity funds and bespoke solutions provide short term cash investors - such as treasures, pension funds, local authorities and charities - with an actively managed alternative to bank deposits and a way of diversifying cash across a wide range of high quality money market instruments.

All investments we make are subject to our rigorous credit assessment process.

Our solutions include euro and sterling denominated funds, some - designed for investors with short investment horizons and who require a high degree of capital security - carry the highest ratings awarded by the leading ratings agencies.

Whilst security of capital is our primary concern, our active, diversified approach aims to maximise yield (interest) for levels of risk and immediancy of access to funds (liquidity) that our investors are comfortable with.

1As at 30 June 2018. The figure refers to Liquidity funds in the UK and France.