Our four decades of managing multi asset portfolios has provided us with a deep understanding of what clients need and how these needs change over time. Whether it’s achieving reliable capital growth, securing a steady stream of income whilst preserving capital or simply getting strong risk adjusted performance by investing in a diverse portfolio of assets, we create solutions that aim to match those needs.

Collaboration is at the heart of our highly successful and well resourced multi asset team. We bring together our full global capabilities drawing on the skills of our investment professionals across fixed income, equities, real estate, alternatives, cash, derivatives and risk management to develop the best investment ideas.

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We aim to provide clients with long term solutions that could meet or beat their liabilities and could protect them from financial market volatility. Whatever the requirement, we look to provide the sophisticated solutions that clients seek.

Peter Fitzgerald

CIO Multi-asset & Macro, Portfolio Manager, AIMS Target Return and Target Income Funds

Our three year outlook on markets ensures we look through much of the short term noise that characterises our industry. This gives our funds a longer term perspective, adapting to market change where necessary through responsive asset allocation.

Risk management is an integral part of an investment process where we consider portfolio construction as important as investment strategy. We carefully assess risks from multiple perspectives before deciding whether or not to incorporate investment ideas into portfolios. This approach takes advantage of our investment insight, while looking after our clients’ interests.

Building on our heritage of managing traditional multi asset portfolios, we developed a range of globally unconstrained funds that focus on meeting the needs of today’s investors seeking risk targeted returns.

In addition, we recently launched Aviva Investors Multi-Strategy (AIMS) funds and these are designed to meet client outcomes regardless of market conditions. They offer the potential for a consistent long-term return or a regular income whilst aiming to preserve capital.

Our success in giving our clients what they need has seen our multi asset and multi strategy portfolios grow to $95 billion1 in assets. We continue to build on our 40 years of multi asset management experience, using our collective intelligence to strive to deliver the investment solutions that our clients seek.

1 Source: Aviva Investors as at 30 June 2016