Key benefits

Smoother returns, preserving capital and managing volatility

The AIMS Target Income Fund seeks to generate sufficient growth in the fund to preserve capital while meeting the fund’s income target. Distributions are managed with the aim of paying roughly one twelfth of the annual income target each month.

In helping institutional investors to manage their funding volatility, the fund aims to be less than half as volatile as an investment in global equities over any three-year period.

Risk-diversified portfolio

By focusing on diversifying portfolio risk rather than asset allocation, we aim to provide investors with specific levels of return or income from a wide range of sources, unconstrained by benchmark considerations. This allows us to focus on providing the long-term performance you need, even as market conditions change.

Largely uncorrelated strategies

The fund aims to help schemes diversify their portfolios with an approach that targets a specific levels of income with little correlation to equities, bonds and other traditional asset classes.

Key risks

No guarantee

The aims of the fund is not guaranteed and clients may get back less than the original amount invested.

Investment time horizon consideration

The fund may not be appropriate for those who plan to withdraw their money within five years.

Market fluctuations

The value of the fund may be subject to market fluctuations. This could lead to values being adversely and unpredictably affected by various factors, including political and economic events. As such, the value of investments may go down as well as up and clients may receive less than the original amount invested.

Derivative risk

The fund can make significant use of derivatives with the aim of helping it meet its income and volatility targets. As a result of the high degree of leverage typically employed when trading financial derivatives, a relatively small price movement in the underlying asset may result in substantial losses to the fund's assets.

Exchange rate fluctuations

The fund may invest outside of the UK or hold currencies other than sterling. The value of investments may fall or rise depending on changes in the exchange rates of currencies to which the fund is exposed.