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  • Is stagflation set to make an unwanted return?

    18 May 2022

    Surging inflation is leading to fears the world economy could be heading towards recession. While there are diverging views on whether we are entering a new era of stagflation, the medium-term growth-inflation trade off looks set to worsen with big implication for asset prices, argue Michael Grady and Peter Fitzgerald.

  • The investment case for nature

    17 May 2022

    The impact of economic activity on the natural world has long been ignored. However, governments, companies and investors can all play a role in helping to protect nature.

  • Levelling up: Investing towards a new social contract

    17 May 2022

    As we learn to live with COVID-19, focus is returning to delivering a just transition. This is important to secure long-term investment outcomes, but also presents direct opportunities.

  • Life force: Why nature matters

    12 May 2022

    Growing awareness that natural systems are stressed or even close to breakdown is prompting asset managers to look closely at nature-based risks and investee companies to understand their environmental impacts and dependencies.

  • What does the data say? Ukraine-Russia: The human and economic costs of war

    29 Apr. 2022

    In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical themes, we look at the far-reaching human and economic consequences of the Ukraine-Russian war.

  • A new Cold War? What the Russia-Ukraine crisis means for globalisation and markets

    28 Apr. 2022

    The world has become more volatile and unpredictable with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But while Vladimir Putin may have dealt globalisation another blow, China and the West will want to prevent the world splitting into two competing blocs.

  • Facing up to the ESG backlash

    6 Apr. 2022

    Asset managers must better explain how ESG can improve investment returns and make the world a better place. Clear guidance to help investors choose between funds is also required.

  • Power to the people: The moral and investment case for human rights

    30 Mar. 2022

    Healthy and happy employees, consumers, and communities are all critical ingredients in a company’s long-term success. Investors have a key responsibility in ensuring the rights of these groups are respected.

  • Change diets, not the planet: The link between food and sustainability

    29 Mar. 2022

    We explore how shifting diets can help create a more sustainable world.

  • Tough gig: How to improve the platform economy

    28 Mar. 2022

    Companies operating in the gig economy have been subject to industrial action and legal challenges. Workers say they are being denied basic rights; platforms reply this is the price of flexibility. But there is a viable middle-ground which can be beneficial for all, including investors.

  • Energy in focus: Part 2: The pivot to green

    28 Mar. 2022

    How will the surge in the prices of oil, gas and coal impact the transition to low or zero carbon sources of fuel? In the second part of our Q&A on the energy sector, experts from our credit, equities and ESG teams contemplate the challenges and opportunities in the pivot to green.

  • Thick skins and tin ears: Facing up to the ESG backlash

    25 Mar. 2022

    Mark Versey goes on the offensive to dispel recent criticisms against ESG investing.

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