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  • The long decline: Why trend economic growth is set to go on falling

    12 Nov. 2021

    Trend rates of economic growth, which have been on the decline for decades in the world’s leading economies, look set to fall further. That will have big implications for governments, companies, households and investors, argues Stewart Robertson.

  • What does the data say? All eyes on Glasgow

    29 Oct. 2021

    In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical data themes, we focus on climate change as the world turns its attention to the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

  • Grow the pie: An interview with Alex Edmans

    22 Oct. 2021

    Interest in ESG investing is expanding at a seemingly exponential rate – and with it the risks of greenwashing only grow. However, Alex Edmans explains why he believes it is possible for companies and investors to create win-win situations for all stakeholders.

  • A fair COP: Why social justice is vital to climate action

    22 Oct. 2021

    For too long, issues of justice and equality have been left out of the climate conversation. But policymakers, companies and investors are slowly beginning to acknowledge the social dimensions of climate action.

  • We need to talk about waste: Tackling renewable energy’s dirty secret

    21 Oct. 2021

    Renewable energy has a vital role to play if the world is to combat climate change. But its widespread adoption comes with a price. As older installations come to the end of their useful life, countries urgently need to work out what to do with the waste.

  • The age of climate extremes: Crises, cascades and comfort zones

    20 Oct. 2021

    The latest assessments from climate scientists suggest some geographical zones that have been lived in for thousands of years are becoming uncomfortably hot and fire-prone or wet and vulnerable to flooding. How will humanity adapt to new extremes? Rick Stathers assesses the evidence.

  • Cleaning up: Transforming finance for a net zero-world

    20 Oct. 2021

    To align with net-zero emissions targets, the financial system needs a radical transformation. Can it get there and, if it does, what should it look like in 2050?

  • Counting emissions and accounting omissions: The struggle to measure, monitor and manage corporate net-zero efforts

    19 Oct. 2021

    Internalise the climate externality. That is the major task facing policymakers and corporate executives. However, this requires accurate measurement and incorporation into financial accounts and neither are straightforward.

  • 50 shades of green

    18 Oct. 2021

    With the noise and interest in ESG investing reaching levels that would have been unthinkable a few short years ago, much of the analysis surrounding it is becoming polarised. A more sophisticated conversation and debate is required, argues Mark Versey.

  • Law and climate: Using the legal stick to accelerate change

    15 Oct. 2021

    Energy majors, cement producers, utilities and financial services providers are among the latest targets of legal action designed to make them move faster towards a lower carbon world. Could this be an inflection point, as the conversation turns to specific responsibilities rather than vague commitments to change?

  • Without a global finance plan, the climate moonshot will fail

    13 Oct. 2021

    If the world is to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, the international financial architecture needs far stronger coordination under a re-tooled OECD, writes Steve Waygood.

  • Regulatory shifts in China: A new fork in the road?

    12 Oct. 2021

    Investors in China should view recent interventions by the government in the context of its history and longer-term strategic ambitions, argues Amy Kam.

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