AIQ 017: The Macro Stewardship Edition

AIQ 016: Beyond Climate

AIQ 015: Cleaning Up Capitalism

AIQ 014: The Tech Edition

AIQ 013: The Now Normal

AIQ 012: The Risk Edition

AIQ 011: The Climate Edition

AIQ 010: Connected Thinking

AIQ 009: Emerging Markets

AIQ 008: The Future Edition

AIQ 007: Ethics and Alpha

AIQ 006: Behavioural Finance

AIQ 005: Millennials

AIQ 004: China's Future

AIQ 003: Artificial Intelligence

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”

In this AIQ, we focus on the revolutionary area of artificial intelligence which, depending on your perspective, will transform humankind for the better or lead to a dystopian future where machines control the planet. Technology features prominently elsewhere in this issue, as we look at Big Data and 3D printing. We also consider a world without central bank support and the future of asset management.

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AIQ 002: Spheres of Influence

Disruption and disorder

In this AIQ, we look at whether national self-interest in the US, China and Russia will lead to the emergence of new ‘spheres of influence’, and the potential economic and market ramifications. In this issue, we also take a look at how robo advice is shaking up the intermediary market, the fintech revolution in China and why demographic shifts will be a major driver of investment performance.

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AIQ 001: The Amazon Effect

What can its competitors do?

In our first AIQ, we consider the insatiable ambition of Amazon to conquer new markets. Also in this issue, Aviva Investors’ CEO Euan Munro outlines what the asset management industry needs to do to win back public trust; while US policymaker Andy Stern makes his case for a universal basic income.

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The Little Book of Data

Good data visualisation makes us see the world anew. The sixth edition of The Little Book of Data presents original and curated visuals, charts and graphics to offer a fresh perspective on topics shaping our world.

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