Our approach

As one of Europe’s largest managers of real assets, with over 190 specialists across five locations, our platform has the scale to access the full depth and breadth of real asset markets. This enables us to deploy capital in an efficient and disciplined manner. Our diverse capabilities allow us to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. We do this through pooled or bespoke solutions, as well as giving clients the opportunity to co-invest with Aviva Group.

Connected thinking

Our more than 80 credit specialists have developed a deep understanding of market drivers. Their insights drive our conviction calls, identify relative value across the range of our real asset investments, and allow us to optimise portfolio construction, to build portfolios that aim to deliver the outcomes our clients require.

Direct investors

We make investments we are proud to support and, as direct holders of the assets, we manage them with an owner mentality, adding value over the course of their life. Direct ownership also gives us the unique ability to engage with our clients and truly connect them to their assets.

Real Assets House View

After another year of twists and turns, from the continued impact of COVID-19 to surging inflation, the release of our latest Real Assets House View could not be timelier. Through our analysis we aim to provide insights for investors on the current and future investment themes we believe will shape real asset markets.

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Sustainable real assets in the spotlight

Just when we thought things were returning to normal after the social, economic and market upheaval caused by the pandemic, the events of 2022 presented new challenges for investors. It was in that context in late 2022 that we took the pulse of key investment decision makers at 500 institutional investors representing a combined $3.5 trillion of assets on their appetite for real assets, including those with a sustainable focus. Read the results in our Real Assets Study 2023.


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Net zero pathway

Our strategy to achieve net zero by 2040.

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Key risks

Investment risk

The value of an investment and any income from it can go down as well as up and can fluctuate in response to changes in currency and exchange rates. Investors may not get back the original amount invested.

Illiquidity risk

Where funds are invested in real estate / infrastructure and illiquid private assets, you may not be able to switch or cash in your investment when you want because real estate in the fund may not always be readily saleable. If this is the case we may defer your request to switch or cash in your units.

Valuation risk

Investors should bear in mind that the valuation of real estate / infrastructure is generally a matter of valuers’ opinion rather than fact.

Real assets team

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