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European equities: this time could be different

8 Jun 2017

European equities, weighed down by political concerns, have appeared undervalued for a year. However, with political risk fading and the euro zone economy simultaneously strengthening, that could be set to change.

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Equities: taking the long view

12 Apr 2017

The stock market is frequently, sometimes justifiably, seen as the epitome of short-termism. There are plenty of instances where the opposite is true, although accurately assessing companies’ long-term prospects is not straightforward, writes Giles Parkinson.

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The Amazon effect

10 Nov 2016

The rise of has forced traditional retailers to adapt their business models. But who will be the winners – and losers – in the battle with e-commerce?

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Technology: the big disruptor

9 Nov 2016

Identifying companies set to benefit from technological change will be a major driver of future investment returns. Avoiding the losers will be just as important.

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Equity investors should consider the duration of their portfolios

11 Oct 2016

The difficulty in developing a model that accurately predicts equity duration means few managers pay much attention to the concept. And yet, just because it’s a tricky task, doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

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AIQ Issue 001 The Amazon Effect

Our cover story looks at the insatiable ambition of Amazon to conquer new markets. Also in this issue, Aviva Investors’ CEO Euan Munro outlines what the asset management industry needs to do to win back public trust; while US policymaker Andy Stern makes his case for a universal basic income.

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The great digital detox

From Russian hackers interfering in foreign elections to high-profile corporate breaches, people are waking up to some harsh realities around data. We look at what the European call for a ‘Magna Carta’ for data has led to, and explore the investment implications of the growing scrutiny over data privacy.

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