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AIQ: The Risk Edition

COVID-19 has shown how quickly a single event can disrupt a globalised economy. AIQ explores some of the biggest threats facing the world, from cybersecurity to environmental disasters, and considers the investment implications.

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AIQ: The Risk Edition

AIQ: The Climate Edition

Can the world get back on track towards meeting the commitments of 2015’s Paris Agreement? From science to psychology; from land use to big data; we examine the challenges posed by climate change and assess potential solutions.

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The Little Book of Data

Visual vignettes to help us better understand the world and provoke thought, sign up to receive our hard copy coffee table book of data visualisations, The Little Book of Data.


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AIQ 011: The Climate Edition

AIQ 010: Connected Thinking

AIQ 009: Emerging Markets

AIQ 004: China's Future

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House View

A quarterly publication which encapsulates the thinking of our investment team.

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