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Structured finance: opportunities for institutional investors in the post-crisis world

23 Aug 2018

In our latest alternative income update, we look at opportunities in structured finance as stringent capital requirements continue to rein in banks’ activities in certain areas, including long-term lending and derivatives.

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UK retail parks ripe for redevelopment

23 Jul 2018

With UK retail parks facing an increasingly perilous future, turning the sites into vibrant residential-led developments offers land owners an opportunity to bolster investment returns.

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Real estate investors face risks as euro zone reaches turning point

12 Jul 2018

The European economy continues to grow above trend rates, but investors should be wary of rising bond yields and rapid development in some markets, says Vivienne Bolla.

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Real estate: the rise of the metropoles

22 Jun 2018

The growing importance of megacities, the largest and most productive metropoles, is likely to have significant implications for investors, says Souad Cherfouh.

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Harnessing private finance for UK rail transformation

14 Jun 2018

The UK wants to attract private sector investment into its fragmented rail network, but the pathways for injecting capital are not yet clear.

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Real estate supply: the forgotten part of the equation

31 May 2018

Supply-side factors are often underestimated by real estate investors with demand drivers receiving more attention, says Monika Sujkowksa.

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Up and coming: seizing opportunities in London's emerging locations

16 May 2018

Investors able to spot developing trends and create fit-for-purpose assets in London’s emerging locations could generate enhanced returns.

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Income to drive real estate returns as yield cycle nears end

9 May 2018

The prospect of robust global economic growth in the coming years should prove positive for occupier demand, but could present fresh challenges to real estate investors as interest rates rise around the globe.

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The future of retail parks – rising to the online challenge

2 May 2018

Technological developments are driving change in the UK retail sector, a trend with significant implications for retail park investors, says Jonathan Bayfield.

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Canadian infrastructure: brave new world?

30 Apr 2018

Investors have high hopes for Canada’s PPP infrastructure market, but can it deliver the opportunities investors crave?

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Co-working space: technology driving disruption

17 Apr 2018

Demand for flexible office space is growing as technology disrupts working practices and business structures, says Tom Goodwin.

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Value remains scarce as European real estate cycle approaches its peak

12 Mar 2018

The European economy is enjoying a relative boom, but with real estate investment markets at an advanced stage of the cycle investors must be wary, says Monika Sujkowska.

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