Behind the scenes

So much planning and organisation. So many talented teams and individuals. And all the different disciplines and skill sets. Now you can see how this dedication came together - just click below to watch our behind the scenes video.

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Understanding the process

Our new website design and development process followed these eight key steps.


An initial research phase to gather business requirements, user needs and any technical considerations to help us make informed decisions to design an improved experience for our users.

IA design

We worked with customers to create a new information architecture (IA) which is how we organize the pages into a logical order, so users (and Google) can find the content they are looking for.

Content strategy

Starting with a migration plan which outlined a) global vs regional content b) the content we would keep from our current site and c) the new content we would need to create. 

UX design

User experience (UX) design is where we bring the IA and the content together to define page templates and user journeys. This is done in black and white, lo-fidelity prototypes to quickly iron out the details.

Visual design

By using typography, photography, illustrations, space, and our brand colours consistently across the page templates, we defined our web design style and the overall look of the site. 


Working in two-week ‘sprint’ cycles, the web development teams took the completed designs and coded them into reusable components. These are then extensively tested before being released for use by the authoring team.

Site authoring

Once the new web components are ready to use the hard graft started as the digital marketing team could begin adding all the words and images to author the thousands of pages required across five languages.


By adding tracking codes to the site, we can report how well each page performs and what users are doing on site. This also helps us to continually improve the user experience.

Customer benefits

Our new website has been designed to let us all build more effective, personalised online experiences. We call it an ‘audience-of-one’ model, and it will help us capture accurate data to drive retention, new business, and deliver meaningful insights. 

Simplified navigation

Now it's easier and quicker for our customers to find what they're looking for through simplified navigation and clearly organised, accessible content.

Richer experience

Designed with digital best-practice and a fresh, contemporary style that reflects our brand, our new website is more engaging, easier to read, and more enjoyable to use.

Global consistency

The site's unified structure and globally approved content ensures we always present ourselves in one clear, constant voice to every client, in core languages, every time. 

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