Frequently asked questions

If you have changed your address, you can inform us by phone or in writing. Our contact details can be found here. Please note if we have received post returned by the postal authorities as undeliverable we may require additional evidence before we can update our records.

If you have changed name, we need a written instruction signed in both your old and new name (even if your signature is unchanged) together with evidence of your change of name. Please contact us for details of acceptable evidence.

If you quote any other policy numbers you have with Aviva (along with the type of policy) when writing to us, we will ensure a copy of your instruction is passed to the relevant department(s) for their records to be updated as well.

Please note there may be a slight delay whilst it is being transferred between departments, but you will receive separate confirmation from each department once their records have been updated.

We are unable to take an instruction to update a policy administered by another Aviva department over the phone, but if you confirm your policy details when speaking with us, we will be able to transfer you through to the relevant department so their records can be updated too.