Financial investments involve an element of risk. For further information, please see the risk warning section.

For institutional clients with specific liability-matching or income needs, our Global Investment Solutions (GIS) team creates bespoke investment strategies that draw on our skills and knowledge across public and private markets.

The GIS team creates bespoke portfolios to meet institutional investors’ specific objectives using advanced risk management and investment processes to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns, allowing for a client’s individual risk tolerance level, target return, liability profile and time horizon.

Our GIS capabilities span across the following areas:

  • Alternative Income Solutions provides institutional investors the opportunity to invest in multi‑strategy alternative income portfolios, as well as single asset class strategies, across a diverse range of asset classes including:
    • Infrastructure Debt
    • Infrastructure Equity
    • Real Estate Finance
    • Real Estate Long Income
    • Structured Finance
    • Private Corporate Debt
  • Liability Driven Investments (“LDI”) allow institutional investors to manage the interest rate and inflation risk inherent within their liabilities. This is achieved by constructing a bespoke portfolio using Government Bonds, Swaps, Repos, as well as other fixed income assets to match the interest rate and inflation sensitivity of the future liability outgo of our clients.
  • Buy and Maintain Credit allows institutional investors to construct credit portfolio which provide a better alignment between their assets and liabilities in comparison to traditional benchmark investment styles. The approach invests in defensive assets with the intention to hold until maturity, focusing on long-term credit fundamentals coupled with broad diversification principles to identify assets within the global investment grade credit universe which we believe will deliver a better credit loss experience for the end investor.
Mark Versey
We aim to provide clients with long-term solutions that could meet or beat their liabilities and could protect them from financial market volatility. Whatever the requirement, we look to provide the sophisticated solutions that clients seek.

Mark Versey

Chief Investment Officer, Global Investment Solutions


The value of an investment and any income from it may go down as well as up and the investor may not get back the original amount invested.

Where funds are invested in real estate / infrastructure, investors may not be able to switch or cash in an investment when they want because real estate / infrastructure may not always be readily saleable. If this is the case we may defer a request to switch or cash in units. Investors should also bear in mind that the valuation of real estate is generally a matter of valuers’ opinion rather than fact.

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