Aviva Investors’ response to COVID-19

In light of the uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, Aviva Investors is taking a number of steps to protect our employees and ensure we can meet our clients’ needs.

We have well-established business continuity plans to respond to various crisis scenarios, including a pandemic, to ensure both we and our core suppliers can continue to operate in such circumstances. The design and maintenance of the business continuity framework is carried out by a central team, which oversees the regular maintenance and testing of our contingency plans.

We also have a crisis response team formed of senior leaders across our business to ensure we can implement thorough and effective responses to any crisis.

The precautions we are taking, which are detailed below, mean we can continue to serve our clients during this period. 

Operational resilience

Our technology and training allow us to continue operating when our employees are working from home, as they will be for as long as the guidance from the government and public health bodies requires.

  • All our teams are equipped with technology to allow them to work remotely.  Our offices globally are flexible and encourage regular home working.  Additionally, we tested our technology systems to ensure we could move to all employees working from home.
  • We have additional operational resilience through a network of Aviva offices and recovery sites globally and have the option to transfer work across locations.

For our investment teams specifically:

  • Our portfolio managers and traders are able to trade from other sites or from home in the event they can’t get to their main office.
  • Members of the portfolio management teams also work from home on a regular basis and can perform day-to-day tasks.
  • All our systems support remote working and we have processes in place to manage this from a compliance and risk perspective.  
  • Furthermore, the structure of our portfolio management and trading teams is robust: if any individual is unable to work for any reason, other members of the team can pick up orders or trade on their behalf.
  • In terms of our investment approach, as with any major market event, we will continue to monitor the situation and financial markets closely and the risks and opportunities presented by them. Regular stress testing of funds against different scenarios is a core part of our daily investment and risk management process and helps us make informed decisions to protect our clients’ portfolios.

We will continue to follow the guidance from the relevant authorities and continue to review, and adapt as necessary, our response protocols.

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