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Private assets outlook: a premium on innovation

21 Feb 2018

As investors await the bottom of the interest rate cycle, we consider three key themes to look out for in private asset markets.

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UK real estate outlook - a shifting landscape

15 Feb 2018

A strong global economy and rising interest rates are shaping the outlook for UK real estate in 2018, says Tom Goodwin.

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Cities of the future: Europe

7 Feb 2018

The rising importance of the knowledge-based economy is exerting a considerable influence on European city office markets, says Monika Sujkowska.

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Infrastructure debt: a global perspective

7 Feb 2018

Darryl Murphy casts an eye across the global market to see where investors are likely to find opportunities in infrastructure debt.

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Mapping opportunities in private markets – picking suitable assets and investment approaches

6 Feb 2018

Assets not listed on public markets are receiving much greater attention as long-term investors are challenged to meet their return requirements through traditional investment strategies.

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UK real estate outlook: three predictions for 2018

18 Dec 2017

The UK real estate market continues to look expensive, but there are a few pockets of value in certain sectors, says Tom Goodwin.

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Infrastructure debt outlook: resilience in uncertain times

13 Dec 2017

After a year in which infra debt issuance remained strong despite a challenging backdrop, Darryl Murphy identifies the themes that could drive the market in 2018.

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European real estate: three predictions for 2018

7 Dec 2017

The European economy is enjoying strong growth, but with real estate investment markets advanced in the cycle, value is becoming hard to find. Monika Sujkowska discusses what’s in store for the European real estate market in 2018.

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Bedroom economics - the impact of demographics on residential real estate

15 Nov 2017

Changes in the age profile of populations will have a significant impact on demand for real estate; influencing the type, functionality and locations that are likely to be popular writes Monika Sujkowska.

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Brexit: the investment implications of no deal

14 Nov 2017

The risk of the UK exiting the European Union without agreeing its future relationship appears to have risen in recent weeks. We consider the ramifications of such an outcome for the UK economy and sterling-denominated assets.

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The future of retailing and retail real estate – what lies in store? 

11 Oct 2017

Technological change is piling pressure on traditional retailers, a trend with significant implications for retail real estate, says Chris Urwin.

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Real estate: putting a roof over the digital revolution

26 Sep 2017

We may only be at the start of the digital age, but it is already exerting a significant influence over real estate, explains Francois de Bruin.

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