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Hard graft: will corruption catch up with South African stocks?

Bryony Deuchars - 15 MAY 2017

The South African government of President Jacob Zuma is engulfed in a corruption scandal, yet the country’s stock market is close to record levels. Equity investors should tread cautiously, says Bryony Deuchars.

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Will France march to a different beat under Macron?

Geoffroy Lenoir - 10 MAY 2017

Emmanuel Macron has outlined an ambitious reform agenda after beating far-right rival Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election. But will he be able to deliver on his promises to revive the French economy and unify Europe?

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Industrials: time for a cyclical recovery?

- 07 MAY 2017

Although evidence of short cycle recovery suggests an industrials renaissance, investors should be wary of overpaying for growth.

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Can Asian economies withstand the protectionist threat?

Maulshree Saroliya - 04 MAY 2017

US President Donald Trump has threatened to slap tariffs on imports from East Asia. Maulshree Saroliya considers how the region’s economies will fare in an environment of heightened trade protectionism.

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Europe braced for M&A wave

- 28 APR 2017

Cross-border M&A is on the rise, with US companies increasingly making acquisitions in Europe and the UK. We consider the implications for equity investors.

Europe Equities


European equities: too much, too soon?

Edward Kevis - 27 APR 2017

European equities have performed strongly in the last few months, despite a backdrop of omnipresent political risk. Ed Kevis explores whether the rally is sustainable.

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Manchester – unlocking the potential of a knowledge-based economy

Chris Urwin - 20 APR 2017

Manchester is set to capitalise on thriving IT and media sectors, global transport links and renowned universities to profit from the changing role of cities as drivers of growth.

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