Aviva Investors Secure Income REIT

Aviva Investors Secure Income REIT plc

The Aviva Investors Secure Income REIT plc (the 'Company') is aiming to deliver secure income with the potential for capital growth through a diversified portfolio of high quality, long lease UK commercial real estate.
On a fully invested and geared basis, the Company is targeting a secure dividend yield of 5.0% p.a. by reference to the issue price, which the Company will seek to increase broadly in line with inflation, and a total return of 7.0% p.a. over the medium-term. This is a target only and not a profit forecast.

Introducing Aviva Investors Secure Income REIT

Renos Booth and Luke Layfield discuss the benefits of Real Estate Long Income, what investors can expect to receive and why Aviva Investors are well placed to deliver on this strategy.

Why Invest?

Managed by the largest investment manager of UK commercial property and provided in a tax efficient REIT structure, we believe the Aviva Investors Secure Income REIT plc is an attractive proposition for today’s investor.

Some risks to keep in mind

No investment is entirely without risk and investors may receive less back than the amount originally invested. Below are some key risks to consider, comprehensive information on the trust and the risks associated with investing in it can be found in the prospectus when published. The value of investments and income from them can go down as well as up and the extent of possible fluctuations is likely to increase in line with the amount of risk taken.

Market fluctuations

The value of investments (and income) can go down as well as up and the extent of possible fluctuations are likely to increase in line with the amount of risk taken. Investors may receive back less than the amount originally invested.


The Company’s investments will be illiquid, which means they may be difficult for the Company to sell and the price achieved may be lower than prevailing valuations, causing the value of the portfolio to fall.



Property valuations

The value of a property is a matter of the valuer’s opinion rather than fact. Property may sell for less than it is valued which could reduce fund value.

Property related securities

The market value of the shares may fluctuate independently of the net asset value per share, and may trade at a discount to net asset value. The Company may be unable to make acquisitions (including the target portfolio). The Company can offer no assurance that it will be able to identify and make investments that are consistent with its investment policy or that it will be able to fully invest its available capital. The Company’s due diligence may not identify all risks and liabilities in respect of an acquisition.

Target Return

The Company may not meet its investment objective or achieve its targeted returns. There can be no assurance that any dividends will be paid in respect of any financial year or period and no guarantee as to the level of any future dividends to be paid by the Company. The Company is newly formed and has not yet made any investments. The Company’s targeted returns are based on estimates and assumptions that are inherently subject to significant uncertainties and contingencies, and the actual rate of return may be materially lower than the targeted returns.


If the Company fails to qualify, or remain qualified, as a REIT, its rental income and gains will be subject to UK corporation tax. The Company’s status as a REIT may restrict distribution opportunities to Shareholders.

How to invest

Investors, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the prospectus can invest into the Aviva Investors Secure Income REIT via the placing or the intermediaries offer. The following intermediaries are authorised by the company to accept and place orders. Please click on the links below to access.

Hargreaves Lansdown




Interactive Investor Services Limited




The Share Centre


shareDeal active


Killik & Co


Albert E Sharp LLP


Walker Crips Stockbrokers

Rowan Dartington

Hargreave Hale

Brewin Dolphin

Rathbone Investment Management

Charles Stanley

Cornhill Capital

Thesis Asset Management Limited

Meet the investment team

With £24 billion of Real Estate assets under management in the UK and 119 Investment professionals in the Real Estate team, we offer in-depth expertise across many sectors. This includes traditional areas such as retail warehouses, high street shops and shopping centres along with more specialist sectors including hotels, leisure properties and student accommodation. Our Real Estate Long Income team manages over £4 billion of commitments.

Meet the board