Powering Change: ESG video shorts

This video series highlights some of the key challenges facing People, Climate, and Earth – exploring how Aviva Investors is powering positive change through action.

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The people embedding ESG across Aviva Investors

  • Supply and demand: Tackling both sides of the carbon emissions equation

    Despite progress through our Climate Engagement Escalation Programme, more action is needed from the world’s 30 systemically important carbon emitters, as Sora Utzinger and Louise Wihlborn explain.

  • Carbon credits: Seeing the wood for the trees

    As governments and companies strive to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero, questions are being asked about the role of natural climate solutions. We analyse differing approaches to offsetting and their impact on forest management.

Responsible Investment

Responsibility is built into everything we do. Doing the right thing for our people, clients and their investments is fundamental to our legacy and long-term success. Acting and investing responsibly makes financial sense and helps create a sustainable future for us all.

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The Little Book of Data

The world, including finance, is constantly changing and investors are always looking for an edge. Every year, we curate and create what we believe are some of the most relevant and thought-provoking charts and information graphics for our clients. In the fifth edition of our award-winning publication, The Little Book of Data, we use visualisations to bring to life the biggest trends in economies and markets.

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