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Investors cheering China's market expansion should be careful what they wish for

24 Feb 2018

A new pilot scheme could give investors greater access to China’s vast equity market. But the project may also affect the performance of existing Hong Kong-listed shares, says Will Ballard.

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Global equity markets plunge after hitting new highs

8 Feb 2018

Global equities raced to fresh record highs in January, with the rally led by the all-important US market, as optimism over the outlook for both the global economy and corporate earnings mounted.

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Equities, where next?

2 Feb 2018

Richard Saldanha discusses the outlook for global equities.

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Gilded youth driving change in emerging markets

30 Jan 2018

The rise of the newly-affluent millennial generation is disrupting traditional industries in emerging markets – and bringing new risks and opportunities for investors.

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Equities: where next after a record breaking year?

9 Jan 2018

Our equities fund managers give their thoughts on what investors should look out for in the coming year.

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Global equity markets end 2017 at record highs

5 Jan 2018

Global equities ended 2017 at record highs, partly on the back of US tax cuts signed into law late last year, but also on optimism over the outlook for economic growth and corporate earnings in 2018.

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Has South Africa reached a turning point?

4 Jan 2018

By electing Cyril Ramaphosa as its new leader, the African National Congress has shown it is ready for change – but Jacob Zuma could be an obstacle to progress, says Bryony Deuchars.

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UK investment: outward bound

14 Dec 2017

Uncertainty surrounding the UK economy is potentially driving a new wave of outward merger and acquisition activity.

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China autos: on the road to an electric future

29 Nov 2017

With ambitious new targets for electric vehicles and vast opportunities in self-driving vehicles and the share-riding sector, China has the potential to reshape the global autos sector.

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Equities correlation collapse brings opportunities

9 Nov 2017

Correlations in equity markets have fallen dramatically since the beginning of 2017. We look at the drivers of this trend and the implications for investors.

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Equity volatility: what lies beneath

5 Oct 2017

While aggregate volatility of major stock indices continues to be atypically low, slowly but surely uncertainty is building up again in financial markets. Investors should take note.

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US equities: back to the future

4 Oct 2017

While US equities may look expensive using some traditional yardsticks, there is reason to expect their marked outperformance of the past three decades may continue, argues Giles Parkinson.

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