Our contribution to a changing world

In our Global Responsible Investment Annual Review, find out how our ESG approach can help improve investment returns and make the world a better place. Find out how dramatic societal challenges will impact economies and society, and ultimately investments, if left unresolved. Understand the regulatory reforms at a local, national and international level that are contributing to creating sustainable financial markets. Discover how Aviva Investors has harnessed over 40 years’ heritage to build a unique approach to responsible investing through:

  • Integrating ESG into the investment analysis and decision-making process across all of our asset classes
  • Using our influence to promote good practice among companies we invest in, and to gain insight and reduce investment risk on ESG issues for our clients
  • Designing sustainable investment solutions to meet client needs.

Responsible investment highlights

  • Voted on 54,335 resolutions at 4,713 shareholders meetings
  • Global Responsible Investment team grew to 19 ESG specialists
  • Engaged 1,954 companies as part of our stewardship responsibilities
  • Voted against 27% of management resolutions including 49% of pay proposals
  • More than doubled investments in Green and Social Bonds to £1,715m
  • Published multiple reports including our views on GDP and environmental sustainability and on the future of energy
  • Founding member of the World Benchmarking Alliance
  • Aviva received the United Nations Foundation Leadership Award in recognition of our work to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Responsible investing

Responsible investment isn’t just the right thing to do, it makes sound financial sense.

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Our approach

As part of the wider Aviva group, we always focus on the issues that matter most to everyone.

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