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Bedroom economics: the impact of demographics on residential real estate

Monika Sujkowska - 15 NOV 2017

Changes in the age profile of populations will have a significant impact on demand for real estate; influencing the type, functionality and locations that are likely to be popular writes Monika Sujkowska.

Global Real estate


Brexit: the investment implications of no deal

- 14 NOV 2017

The risk of the UK exiting the European Union without agreeing its future relationship appears to have risen in recent weeks. We consider the ramifications of such an outcome for the UK economy and sterling-denominated assets.

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Credit correlation: end of an era?

- 14 NOV 2017

Structural changes in the credit markets could bring to an end a prolonged period of strong correlations. What are the implications for fixed-income investors?

Global Fixed income


Equities correlation collapse brings opportunities

- 09 NOV 2017

Correlations in equity markets have fallen dramatically since the beginning of 2017. We look at the drivers of this trend and the implications for investors.

Global Equities


Electoral reforms might halt Five Star, but Italy's challenges remain

Charlie Diebel - 31 OCT 2017

Italians will head to the polls in the spring to elect their next government. Despite recent electoral reforms, Charlie Diebel explains why Italian uncertainty is unlikely to disappear.

Europe Economic research Fixed income


Investors should join forces to demand better sell-side research

Steve Waygood - 17 OCT 2017

A new survey draws attention to widespread flaws in sell-side research. But the advent of MiFID II may provide an opportunity for investors to push for change, write Steve Waygood and Anita Skipper.

Global responsible investments


Japanese election: will Abe strengthen his hand?

Maulshree Saroliya - 11 OCT 2017

The Japanese electorate will go to the polls on October 22, with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seeking a stronger mandate for his policies. In this Q&A, Maulshree Saroliya explains what’s at stake for investors.

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