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Duration: In it for the short-haul

Sunita Kara - 02 OCT 2018

Was it just ten years ago that the likes of Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner were household names and strange acronyms such as CDO were common parlance?


Ten years on: The ghost of Lehman

- 01 OCT 2018

We explore the lessons from the global financial crisis and what lies ahead for bond markets.


Credit investing - bias beware as the cycle turns

Josh Lohmeier - 20 SEP 2018

A sound portfolio construction process is critical to avoiding the pitfalls of behavioural biases, which will become all too apparent as the credit cycle turns, argues Josh Lohmeier.

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Structured finance: opportunities for institutional investors in the post-crisis world

- 23 AUG 2018

In our latest alternative income update, we look at opportunities in structured finance as stringent capital requirements continue to rein in banks’ activities in certain areas, including long-term lending and derivatives.

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Is Australia heading for a credit crunch?

James McAlevey - 16 AUG 2018

Rampant property price inflation has put Australian authorities in a tight spot as they attempt to tighten banks’ lending standards without triggering a credit crunch, argues James McAlevey.

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Voice and exit: using engagement as a force for change

Steve Waygood - 14 AUG 2018

Investors often come under pressure to divest from companies. But engagement can be a more effective way to bring about positive change, argues Steve Waygood.

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The data economy revolution

Jason Bohnet - 03 JUL 2018

The data economy is evolving rapidly, bringing investment opportunities in network, infrastructure, memory, storage and cybersecurity, as Jason Bohnet explains.

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