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Is Australia heading for a credit crunch?

James McAlevey - 16 AUG 2018

Rampant property price inflation has put Australian authorities in a tight spot as they attempt to tighten banks’ lending standards without triggering a credit crunch, argues James McAlevey.

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Voice and exit using engagement as a force for change

Steve Waygood - 14 AUG 2018

Investors often come under pressure to divest from companies. But engagement can be a more effective way to bring about positive change, argues Steve Waygood.

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Real estate investors face risks as euro zone reaches turning point

Vivienne Bolla - 12 JUL 2018

The European economy continues to grow above trend rates, but investors should be wary of rising bond yields and rapid development in some markets, says Vivienne Bolla.

Europe Real estate


The data economy revolution

Jason Bohnet - 03 JUL 2018

The data economy is evolving rapidly, bringing investment opportunities in network, infrastructure, memory, storage and cybersecurity, as Jason Bohnet explains.

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Emerging market debt: a passing storm?

Aaron Grehan - 22 MAY 2018

With volatility returning to the emerging market debt arena in recent weeks, Aaron Grehan discusses what it means for investors.

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Sainsbury's planned merger with Asda: who is in the money?

James Balfour - 17 MAY 2018

James Balfour considers the implications of a tie-up between Sainsbury’s and Asda on the grocery retailing sector.

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Behavioural science for financial advisers: an interview with Greg Davies

- 17 MAY 2018

Greg Davies, head of behavioural science at Oxford Risk, explains how a combination of behavioural science and data-driven risk-profiling tools is reshaping the financial advice industry.