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Equities: taking the long view

Giles Parkinson - 12 APR 2017

The stock market is frequently, sometimes justifiably, seen as the epitome of short-termism. There are plenty of instances where the opposite is true, although accurately assessing companies’ long-term prospects is not straightforward, writes Giles Parkinson.

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Intervention or benign neglect: what’s driving the digital payment revolution?

- 06 APR 2017

The digital payment revolution is gathering pace across the globe, posing a major threat to companies that have dominated the payments and banking landscape for many years.

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UK economy: into the great unknown

Stewart Robertson - 30 MAR 2017

After Theresa May on March 29 formally notified the European Union (EU) of Britain’s intention to withdraw from the bloc, we consider the prospects for the country’s economy.

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Birmingham – a driver of growth in the knowledge-based economy

Chris Urwin - 30 MAR 2017

Birmingham is well-positioned to exploit the change in the role of cities as economic drivers, with demand for space in the office market likely to remain robust.

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Bond volatility: all aboard the big dipper?

- 28 MAR 2017

Since the financial crisis, bond volatility has fallen to historic lows. But changes to the structure of the fixed-income markets suggest volatility could be set for a comeback, creating risks and opportunities for investors.

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Fixed income: the debt disconnect

Chris Higham - 27 MAR 2017

As the mountainous scale of global debt continues to climb, investors are advised to heed the lessons of the past, argues Chris Higham.

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Where next in the search for income?

Nick Samouilhan - 27 MAR 2017

Although the hunt for income remains intense, it is still possible to find good opportunities, says Nick Samouilhan.

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