September 2015

Today’s investors face an unprecedented level of personal responsibility in planning for their financial future. Ensuring that they have the income to see them all the way through their retirement is a considerable challenge, particularly in light of the persistently volatile, low growth, low interest rate environment in which we continue to find ourselves.

In addition to balancing risk and return, the variety of investment options can feel overwhelming. The pension reforms are right to support personal responsibility and the ‘freedoms’ have been welcomed but, as our research confirms, the task of saving enough to last a lifetime is no less challenging.

The latest research examined attitudes among independent financial advisers and discretionary wealth managers to the investment imperatives facing today’s investor, focusing on income.

This research reveals an admirably positive determination on the part of advisers to ‘do right’ by their clients, but also shows that the job of achieving this can be very difficult.

It provides valuable insights into investors’ income needs, the way in which advisers are responding to them, and the importance of looking beyond the traditional asset mix.

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