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Interesting times: the advantages of active fixed income

19 Apr 2018

Opportunity knocks for fixed income investors who are not forced to ‘hug’ market indices.

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Why investors should welcome the return of volatility

26 Mar 2018

The unusual calm in global financial markets over the last few years is unlikely to return but investors should welcome rather than fear the prospect of higher volatility, says Peter Fitzgerald.

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The dangerous science of buckets

22 Mar 2018

Why absolute return fixed income challenges traditional asset allocation thinking.

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What’s up with the dollar?

15 Mar 2018

Rising US interest rates have failed to arrest a long-running decline in the dollar, now into its fourteenth month. Ahmed Behdenna looks at some of the reasons why.

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Traditional income investing to be tested in 2018

1 Feb 2018

Traditional sources of income have had a comfortable ride in recent years, but this year is likely to prove more challenging, writes Gavin Counsell.

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Trump year two: ten issues to watch 

28 Nov 2017

From late night tweets to tough talk on trade, Donald Trump’s first year in office has been far from dull. We explore some key developments investors should look out for over the next 12 months.

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Brexit: the investment implications of no deal

14 Nov 2017

The risk of the UK exiting the European Union without agreeing its future relationship appears to have risen in recent weeks. We consider the ramifications of such an outcome for the UK economy and sterling-denominated assets.

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Equity volatility: what lies beneath

5 Oct 2017

While aggregate volatility of major stock indices continues to be atypically low, slowly but surely uncertainty is building up again in financial markets. Investors should take note.

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Macron victory spurs renewed hope of European integration

10 Jul 2017

Emmanuel Macron’s election as French president has raised hopes that the European project is set to be given renewed impetus. This could mark a sea change for financial markets, writes Ahmed Behdenna.

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Be ready as dispersion ousts correlation as key for investors

9 Jul 2017

Strong correlations since the financial crisis will begin to break down.

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A matter of trust - by Euan Munro

14 Nov 2016

Aviva Investors’ CEO Euan Munro discusses what the asset management industry can do to demonstrate its societal and economic value.

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