Jeffrey Weingarten


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Chairman of Aviva Investors North America Holdings Board

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London, United Kingdom

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Main responsibilities

Jeffrey Weingarten is a non-executive director of Aviva Investors.

Experience and qualifications

Jeffrey began his career as a Securities Analyst in 1970. In 1977, he joined the research division at Goldman Sachs & Co in New York, becoming Director of Research in London in 1987 and General Partner of Goldman Sachs & Co in 1990. From 1991–1995 Jeffrey was the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Asset Management International, before returning to International Equity Research as Global Strategist. From 1998–2008 Jeffrey was General Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Buttonwood Capital Partners. He is Chairman of Grosvenor Fund Management, which manages the real estate portfolio of the Duke of Westminster.

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