Debt, consumers and technology: Three trends that will define China

How China deals with the challenges of rising debt, a transition to a consumer economy and the technological ‘arms race’ with the West will have big implications for investors.

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The EM competition for capital

The Chinese economy is attracting more foreign capital due to structural changes and its belated entry into major bond and equity indices. These shifts could have significant implications for other emerging markets.

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Us vs them: Ian Bremmer on politics, trade and technology

We speak to the political scientist about the long-term themes affecting emerging markets, from the trade war to technological automation to climate change.

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ESG: A keystone for stronger emerging markets

Economic development is at a crossroads for emerging markets, and the road ahead will need to be paved with environmental, social and governance considerations.

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The EM framing fallacy: Emerging market debt and the trials of a misunderstood asset class

How we frame things deeply affects how we process information and subsequently act on it. So much so that, despite convincing evidence to the contrary, it can be extremely hard to shake off a fabled preconception. It seems that once a label sticks it can be very hard to dislodge.

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Sovereign interests: ESG matters in emerging market debt

The emerging market debt universe offers investors an expanding pool of opportunities that may be better assessed when integrating environmental, social and governance factors.

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