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Hot wheels: Cars, climate change and the great EV disconnect

25 Jan 2021

With traditional carmakers under intense pressure to cut emissions in the fight against climate change, investors are putting their money behind pure play electric vehicle producers. Alessandro Rovelli digs into the numbers to assess whether this trend is sustainable.

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Five charts that show Manchester is a city of the future

20 Aug 2020

In this short, visual article we present five charts that show why Manchester is such a rich, vibrant and economically prosperous city. Our view is that the ingredients of connectivity, culture, talent, scale and scientific heritage make the city well-equipped to thrive in the coming years and decades.

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Pandemic risk: When will we learn our lesson?

21 Jul 2020

COVID-19 has reminded us that the sources of economic and financial crises can be wildly unpredictable. However, while spotting patient zero in advance was nigh on impossible, pandemic risk was well telegraphed. In the first part of our mini-series, The source of the next crisis, we consider whether an infectious disease could wrong-foot us again or whether governments will learn their lesson.

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5G: Anatomy of an equity investment idea

11 Nov 2019

The evolution of wireless technology has fuelled a host of new mobile applications and helped propel companies such as Netflix. 5G, its next iteration, promises speeds up to 20 times faster than the current 4G. But to think only in terms of speed severely underestimates 5G’s potential to fundamentally transform the business landscape – though not without tremendous risk.

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Our yearly collection: The Little Book of Data

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The Little Book of Data

The Little Book of Data 2

PDF 19.2 MB 84 pages

Joining the dots: The ability to think critically – to question assumptions, methodologies and gut reactions – is going to be crucial in the years ahead.

The Little Book of Data 1

PDF 8.2 MB 73 pages

Displaying information has been a neglected art form within finance for far too long. In this little book we aim to rectify matters, in however small a way. Part curation, part creation, we have drawn from experts in this field – the late Hans Rosling, LSE Cities and Our World in Data to name just a few.

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