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What does the data say? Dogecoin, Nike D2C and the North American heatwave

30 Jul 2021

In this month’s instalment of ‘What does the data say?’, we look at the incredible rise of Dogecoin, Nike’s direct-to-consumer strategy and the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada.

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COVID’s dirty plastic secret

29 Jul 2021

As the world continues to grapple with the health implications of COVID-19, unintended consequences were inevitable. In this data-led story, we look at the effect the pandemic has had on global plastic wastage and what policymakers can do to tackle the issue.

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Climate technologies

8 Jul 2021

No single technology is enough to tackle the climate crisis, a global and systemic issue that requires joined-up thinking. We flag different pathways to address warming gases in the atmosphere – five nature-based and five technical – and ask what steps are needed next.

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What does the data say? Corporate tax, climate litigation and pub blues

25 Jun 2021

In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical data themes, we look at corporation tax rates, climate-related litigation and the ongoing misfortune of pubs.

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What does the data say? Tesla, the halo effect and reasons for CEO departures

28 May 2021

In the latest instalment of our visual series on topical data themes, we look at Tesla’s market cap relative to the European “Big Five” carmakers, the average CSR spending of FTSE 100 companies versus their procurement budget and the most common reasons for a CEO to leave a company.

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What does the data say? Bitcoin, offices and emissions

30 Apr 2021

In our monthly visual series on topical data themes, we look at whether Bitcoin could be the new gold, if COVID-19 has put pressure on London office rents, and the extent to which transport affects the carbon footprint of foods.

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Living in the past: Why are controversy scores so controversial?

8 Apr 2021

Many investors use controversy scores as a filter to avoid firms whose damaging behaviour has hit the headlines, from human rights violations to environmental disasters. But these scores have serious limitations, making them an inadequate tool for investors who want to manage ESG risks and have a positive impact.

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Five charts that show Copenhagen is a city of the future

7 Apr 2021

We take a visual approach to highlight why Copenhagen is such a rich, vibrant and economically prosperous city.

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What does the data say? Vaccines, illiquidity and managers called Dave

26 Mar 2021

In the first of a new monthly series, we take a visual approach to illustrate topical data themes in economies, markets and beyond. This month we look at the correlation between stock market performance and vaccinations, the illiquidity premium in real assets, and whether there are still more men called Dave running funds than female managers.

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The COVID Nudge

28 Jan 2021

In these data visualisations, we look at whether COVID-19 will achieve something that millions spent on public health campaigning has failed to do.

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Hot wheels: Cars, climate change and the great EV disconnect

25 Jan 2021

With traditional carmakers under intense pressure to cut emissions in the fight against climate change, investors are putting their money behind pure play electric vehicle producers. Alessandro Rovelli digs into the numbers to assess whether this trend is sustainable.

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Five charts that show Manchester is a city of the future

20 Aug 2020

In this short, visual article we present five charts that show why Manchester is such a rich, vibrant and economically prosperous city. Our view is that the ingredients of connectivity, culture, talent, scale and scientific heritage make the city well-equipped to thrive in the coming years and decades.

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Our yearly collection: The Little Book of Data

The Little Book of Data

A collection of visualised data showcasing a range of themes including data and technology, diversity and inclusion, and markets and economics all brought together in one book resulting in an expressive and stunning compilation.

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The Little Book of Data

The Little Book of Data 3

PDF 19.8 MB 116 pages

Ways of seeing: If ever there was a year for data visualisation, 2020 was it. Characterised by big events, this edition looks through a different lens at all these stories and more.

The Little Book of Data 2

PDF 19.2 MB 84 pages

Joining the dots: The ability to think critically – to question assumptions, methodologies and gut reactions – is going to be crucial in the years ahead.

The Little Book of Data 1

PDF 8.2 MB 73 pages

We have drawn from experts in this field – the late Hans Rosling, LSE Cities and Our World in Data to name just a few.

Climate action from an unexpected place

Against our nature

Through visual design and simple but provocative messaging, Against our nature aims to playfully remind people of their part in the climate crisis and help them navigate the myriad of psychological and behavioural traps that lie in wait for them.

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