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Ticking time bomb: why deficits matter

10 Jul 2018

Government debt-to-GDP ratios in many advanced countries are approaching post-World War II highs, leaving them increasingly vulnerable to a worsening in economic conditions and demographic forces, argues Stewart Robertson, senior economist for the UK & Europe at Aviva Investors.

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A crumbling empire

10 Jul 2018

The global economic architecture built from the ruins of World War II is under threat, with profound implications for investment.

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The AIQ Podcast: Who wants to live forever?

11 Jun 2018

This latest episode of the AIQ Podcast, we look at the implications of increasing life expectancy for individuals, companies and policymakers. Specifically, we’ll look at what this means for the advisory, pensions and insurance industries.

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The Macron effect

31 May 2018

Emmanuel Macron has implemented a swathe of reforms since his election as President of France in May 2017, but further challenges lie ahead to revitalise the economy.

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Behavioural science for financial advisers: an interview with Greg Davies

17 May 2018

Greg Davies, head of behavioural science at Oxford Risk, explains how a combination of behavioural science and data-driven risk-profiling tools is reshaping the financial advice industry.

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When is a trade war not a trade war?

23 Apr 2018

The latest feud between the US and China has sparked fears of an all out trade war, with much at stake for both countries and the wider world.

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Global equity markets hit by worries over US rates

6 Mar 2018

Global shares suffered their first monthly decline in over a year as the prospect of looser US fiscal policy weighed on bond markets amid concern US interest rates will rise faster as inflation creeps up.

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The global economy is once again firing on all cylinders

1 Mar 2018

As the global economy regains its pre-crisis vigour, central banks will withdraw their support. This means investors will have to be much more discerning in deciding where to put their money.

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Private debt: digging below the surface

4 Jan 2018

With a wide range of yields on offer, investors should take a considered approach to assessing the relative merits of different types of private debt to achieve the best outcomes, writes John Dewey

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Catalonia readies for landmark election

18 Dec 2017

On December 21 the people of Catalonia go to the polls to elect a new regional government. There is a lot riding on the outcome, not just for Spain’s political system, but for the country’s economy and financial markets too.

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Trump year two: ten issues to watch 

28 Nov 2017

From late night tweets to tough talk on trade, Donald Trump’s first year in office has been far from dull. We explore some key developments investors should look out for over the next 12 months.

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Electoral reforms might halt Five Star, but Italy’s challenges remain

31 Oct 2017

Italians will head to the polls in the spring to elect their next government. Despite recent electoral reforms, Charlie Diebel explains why Italian uncertainty is unlikely to disappear.

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