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The AIQ Podcast: Future of retirement

12 Nov 2019

This latest episode of the AIQ Podcast explores the idea that in one’s sixties it might be time to step out of work and retire into a life of leisure is relatively recent. But with more people living longer, expectations of retirement are being reshaped.

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5G: Anatomy of an equity investment idea

11 Nov 2019

The evolution of wireless technology has fuelled a host of new mobile applications and helped propel companies such as Netflix. 5G, its next iteration, promises speeds up to 20 times faster than the current 4G. But to think only in terms of speed severely underestimates 5G’s potential to fundamentally transform the business landscape – though not without tremendous risk.

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The Technology Trap: An interview with Carl Benedikt Frey

4 Nov 2019

AIQ speaks to Oxford economist Carl Benedikt Frey about his pioneering research into labour markets and automation.

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Rage against the machine

1 Nov 2019

A new wave of tech-driven automation promises improved productivity and economic growth. But as humans are replaced by robots, a political backlash is building.

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The unwelcome consequences of lower for longer

31 Oct 2019

Extraordinary monetary easing was essential a decade ago to reboot the global economy, but continuing to apply emergency measures has placed a huge burden on the private sector and could prove deflationary the longer it goes on. Different remedies are urgently needed, argues Euan Munro.

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Connections and communities

28 Oct 2019

Today, a handful of urban centres are pulling away from their rivals – creating more innovation, more growth and more jobs. Those changes have deep implications; understanding them and what they mean for local communities takes joined-up thinking.

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The moral philosopher’s curse

25 Oct 2019

Marte Borhaug explores the ethical dilemmas and unintended consequences that can result from trying to do the right thing.

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Analogies and models: Two approaches to thinking connectedly

24 Oct 2019

In an effort to understand how best to approach idea generation and collaboration, two critical components of successful investing, AIQ speaks to leading academics in the fields of analogical and model thinking.

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Finding Range: An interview with David Epstein

23 Oct 2019

AIQ speaks to author David Epstein about his new book, Range, which explores how generalists succeed in a specialised world.

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Link: Embracing the power of connected thinking

22 Oct 2019

In an increasingly complex world, understanding the connections between people and ideas is crucial. AIQ looks at how organisations can put connected thinking into practice.

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Back to the future: Dr Eric Topol on AI in healthcare

3 Oct 2019

In the final article in our series on healthcare, we speak to the renowned cardiologist and author Eric Topol about his new book, Deep Medicine.

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Amara’s Law: Applying an old adage to new technology

1 Oct 2019

Making the right calls on technological changes can materially influence returns across a wide range of sectors, but timing is everything, as Trevor Green explains.

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