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The chairman: how Xi Jinping is shaping China’s future

28 Sep 2017

The National Party Congress will leave the Chinese President more powerful than ever before. What does this mean for China – and the world?

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Macron victory spurs renewed hope of European integration

10 Jul 2017

Emmanuel Macron’s election as French president has raised hopes that the European project is set to be given renewed impetus. This could mark a sea change for financial markets, writes Ahmed Behdenna.

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Spheres of influence: the return of history?

13 Mar 2017

As the US, Russia and China reposition themselves on the world stage, Cold War-style spheres of influence are coming to define the new global order.

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Power up: has the time come for renewables?

24 Jan 2017

Europe has led the drive to generate electricity from renewable sources, a trend that is gathering pace around the world and will create a wide array of opportunities for investors.

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Carmaker chameleons

24 Nov 2016

New technologies are set to revolutionise the autos industry and the transport sector, and in the process become one of the key investment themes over the coming years.

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Sovereign wealth funds: evolution of the giants

As sovereign wealth funds shift their vast portfolios into new asset classes, such as real estate, infrastructure and private debt, perceptions of these investment behemoths are beginning to change.

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Shares boosted by Korea talks

While interest rates appear to be on a gradual upward trajectory in much of the world, UK financial markets were forced to scale back expectations of tighter monetary policy as softer domestic economic data appeared to give the Bank of England pause for thought.

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