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A tough job: Decarbonising heavy industry

20 Dec 2021

Heavy industry and heavy-duty transport are responsible for nearly a third of global carbon dioxide emissions. While reducing emissions from these sectors will be difficult, the transformation will create opportunities for investors.

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The social transition: Investing for a more equitable world

14 Dec 2021

Recognising that being a good corporate citizen is the right thing to do and pays off is something investors and the financial community need to think harder about, argue Vaidehee Sachdev and Matt Kirby.

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Waste not, want not: An investor’s guide to the circular economy

10 Dec 2021

Using the examples of electronics, food, autos and fashion, we explore the benefits of, and challenges to achieving, a more circular economy.

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Restoring and caring for the natural world: An interview with John Willis

9 Dec 2021

Scientists around the world have highlighted the need to tread more lightly on the planet, halting then reversing the decline of the natural world. But the financial community, including investors, has been slow to respond.

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Thinking outside the box: Embracing neurodiversity at work

30 Nov 2021

Enabling neuroinclusion in the workplace still has a long way to go, although better understanding and simple adjustments could make a world of difference.

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What does the data say? Parcels, the (other) Amazon and COVID-19

26 Nov 2021

In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical data themes, we look at the steep increase in deliveries, the continued deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and the rise of COVID-19 in Europe.

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Beyond borders: Reflections on a historic COP meeting

19 Nov 2021

COP26 was billed as ‘the most important meeting in history’. Steve Waygood had a front row seat and shares his thoughts on the climate conference.

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The long decline: Why trend economic growth is set to go on falling

12 Nov 2021

Trend rates of economic growth, which have been on the decline for decades in the world’s leading economies, look set to fall further. That will have big implications for governments, companies, households and investors, argues Stewart Robertson.

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What does the data say? All eyes on Glasgow

29 Oct 2021

In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical data themes, we focus on climate change as the world turns its attention to the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

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The AIQ Podcast: Counting emissions and accounting omissions

27 Oct 2021

Increasing numbers of governments and companies are committed to reaching net zero. But how sound is the carbon data on which these commitments are made?

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Grow the pie: An interview with Alex Edmans

22 Oct 2021

Interest in ESG investing is expanding at a seemingly exponential rate – and with it the risks of greenwashing only grow. However, Alex Edmans explains why he believes it is possible for companies and investors to create win-win situations for all stakeholders.

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A fair COP: Why social justice is vital to climate action

22 Oct 2021

For too long, issues of justice and equality have been left out of the climate conversation. But policymakers, companies and investors are slowly beginning to acknowledge the social dimensions of climate action.

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