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The AIQ Podcast: Finding flow

17 Jul 2019

This latest episode of the AIQ Podcast explores how organisations can encourage staff to work together to share ideas, avoid mistakes and improve performance.

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State of the nation: South Africa at a crossroads

12 Jul 2019

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered his State of the Nation address on June 20, having led the ANC to victory in May’s elections. But his administration needs to move fast to address an economic slowdown, argues Bryony Deuchars.

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Us vs them: Ian Bremmer on politics, trade and technology

8 Jul 2019

We speak to the political scientist about the long-term themes affecting emerging markets, from the trade war to technological automation to climate change.

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Debt, consumers and technology: Three trends that will define China

8 Jul 2019

How China deals with the challenges of rising debt, a transition to a consumer economy and the technological ‘arms race’ with the West will have big implications for investors.

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Modern Monetary Theory: Could it go mainstream?

12 Jun 2019

An obscure and heterodox branch of economic theory is quickly gaining support from prominent politicians in the US and beyond, which could have big implications for policymaking, argues David Nowakowski.

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The future of insurance

17 May 2019

The insurance industry has evolved rapidly since the financial crisis. The next decade is shaping up to be every bit as transformative as firms grapple with a host of factors, most notably the unfolding regulatory framework, digital disruption and climate change.

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China’s tech future: Pirate or innovator?

15 May 2019

Western governments and companies routinely complain about the practice of ‘forced technology transfer’ in China, but are these grumbles justified? And beyond the trade war, what does the future hold for Chinese tech innovation?

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China’s precarious balancing act

24 Apr 2019

China is stepping up efforts to stabilise growth after it sagged last year to a three-decade low. But by piling more debt on an already highly leveraged economy, Beijing looks to be storing up problems for the future.

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Could the euro zone periphery head off the rails again?

17 Apr 2019

Almost a decade on from the sovereign debt crisis, we explore whether the euro zone’s peripheral economies have materially improved or old vulnerabilities will again become apparent as growth slows.

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The AIQ Podcast: The future of Europe

21 Mar 2019

This latest episode of the AIQ Podcast explores what the future holds for the European project ahead of the European elections.

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Finding flow: Four rules for successful collaboration

20 Mar 2019

Good collaboration is key to success in almost every field, from business to finance to sport. We explore how organisations can encourage staff to work together to share ideas, avoid mistakes and improve performance.

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Trading places: Why southeast Asia could benefit from US-China spat

14 Mar 2019

Trade wars have disrupted supply chains and weighed on stock performance in emerging markets. But as manufacturing companies shift production away from China to evade tariffs, some of its neighbours have spotted an opportunity.

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