Latest multi-asset & multi-strategy thinking

  • Supply chain wars

    14 Nov 2019

    With the US and China locking horns, we take a deeper look at the tangled and complex web of multinational relationships in the global economic ecosystem.

  • In search of a free lunch

    5 Nov 2019

    Correlations between groups of assets and within individual asset classes have changed in unexpected ways thanks to a decade of easy monetary policy. Our portfolio managers tell us what impact this has had on the way they manage money.

  • Mind over matter: How we react to an inverted yield curve is more important than the inversion itself

    30 Sep 2019

    Determining whether an inverted yield curve signals a US or global recession continues to focus the minds of investors in 2019. Mark Robertson explains why our actions will matter more in determining whether a recession is on the horizon than a misleading indicator.

  • Lagarde as ECB chief – independent but integrated?

    22 Aug 2019

    Christine Lagarde has been nominated to head the European Central Bank at a difficult time for monetary policy given growing fears of a recession in the euro zone. Despite much debate on her credentials, Stewart Robertson argues she is the right candidate for the job.

  • Trade tensions drive seismic shift in monetary policy outlook

    9 Aug 2019

    The last year has seen a dramatic shift in the outlook for global monetary policy. Although yields have already fallen sharply, US bonds still appear to offer value given the darkening economic storm clouds, argues Peter Fitzgerald.

  • Self-sufficiency for pension schemes: Keep on running?

    28 May 2019

    Boris Mikhailov and Matthew Graham look at the benefits and risks for pension schemes targeting self-sufficiency.

  • Can central banks maintain their independence?

    14 Feb 2019

    Central bank independence is widely regarded as a prerequisite for successful monetary policy. However, with economies having struggled over the past decade and inflation no longer seen as a problem, that view is being contested, argues Stewart Robertson, chief economist at Aviva Investors.

  • Rising bond yields need not spell disaster for real assets

    13 Nov 2018

    Investors will favour real asset classes offering growth potential in an environment of increasing bond yields, argues real asset analyst Vivienne Bolla.

  • The Macron effect

    31 May 2018

    Emmanuel Macron has implemented a swathe of reforms since his election as President of France in May 2017, but further challenges lie ahead to revitalise the economy.

  • Not just about duration: the benefits of a multi-factor approach to fixed income

    1 May 2018

    Duration is a key consideration for bond investors. But it’s far from the whole story.

  • Interesting times: the advantages of active fixed income

    19 Apr 2018

    Opportunity knocks for fixed income investors who are not forced to ‘hug’ market indices.

  • Can Abenomics survive without Abe?

    9 Apr 2018

    Shinzo Abe’s policy programme has boosted growth and lifted Japan out of its deflationary slump. But a growing political scandal could prevent the prime minister from finishing the job.

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