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South Korea: Park strife

Ed Wiltshire - 20 MAR 2018

The ousting of South Korean president Park Guen-hye from office should accelerate corporate governance reforms in the country, says Ed Wiltshire.

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US Federal Reserve: behind the curve?

Michael Grady - 24 MAR 2017

The market is under-pricing the risk that the Fed will tighten rates more quickly than expected, says Michael Grady.

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Real estate: beating the benchmark blues

- 22 MAR 2017

During a sustained period of strong performance for real estate assets, an investment strategy based on mimicking the benchmark paid off handsomely. But as we move into an altogether more challenging period, this approach will no longer reap the same rewards, argues Chris Urwin.

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Political risk: Europe holds its breath as elections get underway

- 21 MAR 2017

With a rising tide of populism sweeping across Europe amid a string of crucial elections, bond markets once again appear to be questioning the European Central Bank’s ability to defend its currency.

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View from the floor: March 2017

- 20 MAR 2017

In the latest View from the Floor podcast, Chris Urwin, David Diemer, and Andrew Hook discuss the outlook for UK commercial property.

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Challenging outlook for UK real estate

Tom Goodwin - 16 MAR 2017

The UK government’s negotiating stance on ‘Brexit’ has become clearer, which is good news for real estate investors. But value remains scarce across the market, says Tom Goodwin.

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UK industrial property: a safe haven?

Tom Goodwin - 10 MAR 2017

The industrial sector makes up a relatively small, but growing, part of the UK’s commercial property market. Investors are increasingly focused on efficient supply chains and the requirements of online retailing, writes Tom Goodwin.

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