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The world will uphold the Paris Agreement, with or without Trump

- 19 JUN 2017

President Trump’s decision to take the US out of the Paris Agreement is a blow, but it will not reverse the global momentum behind the effort to tackle climate change, says Steve Waygood.

Global responsible investments


Asia-Pacific real estate outlook: all eyes on China

Sandip Bhalsod - 15 JUN 2017

Value is scarce in prime Asia-Pacific real estate markets, but Australian retail could offer opportunities, says Sandip Bhalsod.

Asia Pacific Real estate


European real estate: diminishing returns

Monika Sujkowska - 14 JUN 2017

Attractive European real estate assets are becoming difficult to find, but opportunities remain for discerning investors, says Monika Sujkowska.

Europe Real estate


UK General Election: Hung, drawn and slaughtered?

- 12 JUN 2017

The UK general election confounded the predictions of political commentators and bookmakers. Our investment teams assess the potential financial market and economic consequences.

Economic research Multi-strategy


European equities: this time could be different

Frédéric Guignard - 07 JUN 2017

European equities, weighed down by political concerns, have appeared undervalued for a year. However, with political risk fading and the euro zone economy simultaneously strengthening, that could be set to change.

Equities Europe


Emerging markets: four ideas to watch

- 07 JUN 2017

Our emerging markets and multi-strategy teams set out key trade ideas over a two to three year investment horizon in the EM universe.

Multi-strategy Emerging markets


Our quarterly update on drivers in alternative income

- 25 MAY 2017

With the global economy experiencing a synchronised upswing in Q1 2017, alternative income specialists assess the scale and availability of premia from investing in private assets.

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