The natural extension of an outcome-oriented investment approach is to help institutional investors, such as pension schemes and insurance companies, to meet their long-term liabilities.

Evolving our approach

We all have different investment goals, whether individuals or institutions. In the case of pension schemes and insurance companies, that aim is to meet long and short-term liabilities. These liabilities represent the combined financial goals of tens of thousands of individual scheme members or policyholders.

As one of the largest liability-driven investment (LDI) providers in the UK, we are uniquely positioned to offer solutions designed to meet a variety of requirements. These range from straightforward, traditional LDI mandates to next-generation, all-encompassing Terminal Portfolio strategies. We bring together expertise from a wide range of pension and insurance disciplines to build bespoke solutions that work best to meet your scheme’s specific objectives. Whether it’s using gilts, cash, and derivatives or a broader opportunity set, which may include credit and illiquid assets, we have the tools, the experience, and the expertise to provide the outcome your scheme needs.