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  • COVID, climate and Black Lives Matter: The stories that defined 2020

    10 Dec. 2020

    We select some of our key pieces of content in a year of unending drama.

  • Income investing: The return of Goldilocks and the three bears

    3 Dec. 2020

    The Goldilocks environment is back, but bears are lurking in the shadows. Francois de Bruin explores the risks and opportunities that need to be managed to get outcomes that are “just right”.

  • Short story: Why Fed action could be bad news for the dollar

    12 Oct. 2020

    With US real interest rates sinking ever more deeply into negative territory as the Fed signals it is on hold for a prolonged period, the outlook for the dollar is bearish for the first time in a decade, argues Mark Robertson.

  • COVID-19: Can a lasting recovery happen without a vaccine?

    21 Aug. 2020

    With the notable exception of China, countries around the world have struggled to get their economies firing on all cylinders without COVID-19 infections flaring up again. Until a way to contain the virus is found, recoveries are likely to remain stop-start and fragile, argue Ian Pizer, Mark Robertson and Sunil Krishnan.

  • COVID-19 and antimicrobial resistance: The next health crisis?

    19 Aug. 2020

    As the world grapples with COVID-19, antibiotics used to treat serious secondary bacterial infections associated with the coronavirus are making their way into wastewater with potentially dire consequences. Abigail Herron questions whether investors appreciate the seriousness of what antimicrobial resistance could lead to.

  • Education, entrepreneurship and biological age: An interview with Andrew Scott

    6 Aug. 2020

    In part two of our interview with Professor Andrew Scott from London Business School, we look at how policy will shift to take account of people living for longer and how service providers will respond.

  • Longevity, policy and technology: An interview with Andrew Scott

    6 Aug. 2020

    Living longer brings enormous opportunities to reshape how we spend our time. But in the first of a two-part interview, Andrew Scott from London Business School explains how advances in longevity and technology have not been matched by innovation in social structures or our approach to financial planning.

  • Multi-strategy investing and the COVID crash: Resilience and redemption?

    29 Jul. 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many things into focus, reminding investors of the shock of a market crash. With bond and equity prices already back at levels that seem to belie the harsh economic reality, Peter Fitzgerald and Mark Robertson believe it could be time to reconsider absolute return multi-strategy investing once more.

  • Multi-asset allocation views: Finding opportunities in the crisis

    16 Jul. 2020

    Despite uncertainty around lockdown exits and economic recovery, the role of a fund manager is to explore hidden opportunities as well as protect capital. Sunil Krishnan discusses why investment-grade credit and European assets could fit the bill for multi-asset portfolios.

  • What do rising US-China tensions mean for global markets?

    24 Jun. 2020

    In the latest instalment of our editorial series, Link, Aviva Investors experts discuss the prospects for financial markets and the world economy in the face of escalating hostilities between the US and China.

  • Defined Benefit pensions de-risking: A covenant and investment view

    23 Jun. 2020

    In the midst of the COVID-19 shock, Felix Mantz from Lincoln Pensions and Joachim Sudre from Aviva Investors explore how defined benefit pension schemes should plan their journey towards an end game and adopt a more holistic approach to risk.

  • Where to go in an income drought?

    9 Jun. 2020

    Income investors face multiple challenges – dividend cuts, historically low yields, rising corporate defaults, and an uncertain property market. Francois de Bruin goes in search of sustainable income sources.

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