We operate within capital markets that are imperfect. We recognise that there is a range of market failures, most markedly those that create incentives towards short-term investment and decision-making by investors and companies.

We actively engage with policymakers at a national, EU and UN level to correct market failures with the aim of creating a more sustainable economy and improved long-term investment outcomes for our clients.

In June 2014, Aviva hosted the UN Principles of Sustainable Insurance event at which Aviva Group CEO, Mark Wilson, addressed an audience of insurers, investors, regulators and UN agencies, giving his views on how and why insurers should strive to be sustainable. He also unveiled a new white paper. This Roadmap for Sustainable Capital Markets outlines recommendations for policy to move the capital markets onto a more sustainable basis.

Our public policy consultation responses

RA17/1618/30112018 (10/11)