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Climate emergency: The state of the planet

24 Aug 2021

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report brings together conclusions from the latest scientific studies on the physical science of the climate system. Aviva Investors’ climate specialist Rick Stathers assesses the evidence and the implications for investors.

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The going gets tough: Can heavy industry decarbonise?

23 Aug 2021

Heavy industry and heavy transport are hard to decarbonise, but this must be done to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Can companies, policymakers and investors join forces to make it happen? The race is on…

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Action now! Landmark legal ruling could have far-reaching implications for investors

23 Aug 2021

With climate action frustratingly slow, the legal profession is being called in to accelerate the pace of change.

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Building brands that sell directly to consumers

20 Aug 2021

The trend towards selling goods and services directly to consumers is transforming consumer brands and the world of shopping. Companies are learning how to interact directly with consumers, using new marketing techniques and a vast amount of data to influence their behaviour. However, the relationship between brands and consumers is fragile, and allowing trust in a brand to erode can be fatal.

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No more command and control: To deliver for clients, asset managers need to be agile

12 Aug 2021

Asset managers need to dismantle hierarchies and promote diversity of thought if they are to future-proof their businesses. They can learn valuable lessons from tech companies, military leaders and even ancient philosophers, writes Apiramy Jeyarajah.

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Are bond investors too complacent about inflation?

11 Aug 2021

US Treasury yields have fallen appreciably in recent weeks, seemingly dismissing the threat of rising consumer prices. Some investors could be in for a nasty surprise if inflation proves more intransigent than anticipated, argue Michael Grady and Katarina Cohrs.

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Will accountants save the world? An interview with Richard Murphy

6 Aug 2021

A shake-up in company reports and accounts to consider companies’ environmental impact could radically alter the way they are assessed, argues the influential political economist and accountant.

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What does the data say? Dogecoin, Nike D2C and the North American heatwave

30 Jul 2021

In this month’s instalment of ‘What does the data say?’, we look at the incredible rise of Dogecoin, Nike’s direct-to-consumer strategy and the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada.

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COVID’s dirty plastic secret

29 Jul 2021

As the world continues to grapple with the health implications of COVID-19, unintended consequences were inevitable. In this data-led story, we look at the effect the pandemic has had on global plastic wastage and what policymakers can do to tackle the issue.

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Supply-chain ripples: The positive spillovers of decarbonising upstream emissions

26 Jul 2021

Some of the world’s biggest companies are setting ambitious net-zero targets, with significant implications for their supply chains. How impactful could the ripple effect be in helping to meet the goals set out in the Paris Agreement?

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Cummings, carbon and COP26: An interview with Claire O’Neill

23 Jul 2021

In a wide-ranging interview with AIQ, the former UK minister of Energy and Clean Growth explains why the private sector needs a seat at the negotiating table if the world is to solve the climate crisis. Words by Miles Costello.

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Climate technologies

8 Jul 2021

No single technology is enough to tackle the climate crisis, a global and systemic issue that requires joined-up thinking. We flag different pathways to address warming gases in the atmosphere – five nature-based and five technical – and ask what steps are needed next.

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