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From crisis comes opportunity: What’s normal now?

2 Mar 2021

Big challenges bring us the opportunity to think differently. Our investment teams reveal what they have learnt from COVID-19, and how they are preparing to face whatever ‘normal’ emerges in a post-pandemic world.

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Pixie dust and demon dust: The little things that make a big difference in equity markets

19 Feb 2021

To gain an accurate picture of a company’s long-term prospects, investors must pay close attention to the details, says Giles Parkinson.

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When it comes to emerging markets, small is beautiful

17 Feb 2021

With concentration increasing in major emerging market indices, small cap companies can offer investors welcome diversification, says Will Ballard.

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Weather shifts and white elephants: How climate risk is moving the goalposts for emerging market investors

10 Feb 2021

Droughts and water shortages used to be associated with the world’s poorest countries. Now middle-income economies are suffering the effects of extreme weather too, with significant implications for investors, says Will Ballard.

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The AIQ Podcast: The future of the internet

9 Feb 2021

Commercial and geopolitical forces are threatening to fracture the internet. In this episode of the AIQ podcast, we explore the implications for investors.

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EM equities: Will Chinese regulators tear down the house that Jack built?

5 Feb 2021

In late 2020, Chinese authorities announced an antitrust investigation into e-commerce giant Alibaba and halted the IPO of its financial services affiliate, Ant Group. Alistair Way looks at the implications for investors in Chinese tech.

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The COVID Nudge

28 Jan 2021

In these data visualisations, we look at whether COVID-19 will achieve something that millions spent on public health campaigning has failed to do.

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What a carve up! The future of the internet

22 Jan 2021

Commercial and geopolitical forces are threatening to fracture the internet into competing regimes, making it harder for companies to operate across borders and potentially limiting their growth. We explore the implications for investors.

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The tough arithmetic of #neversell stocks

19 Jan 2021

Over recent years, a group of established companies have traded at relatively high valuations for their robust competitive advantages and consistent growth records. But in a competitive economy, investors should not assume this will continue indefinitely, warns Giles Parkinson.

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Our annual letter to company chairpersons

15 Jan 2021

As part of our engagement efforts, every January we send a letter to the chairs of companies we invest in (and some we don’t, but still want to use our influence with) to set out our stewardship priorities for the year. Here, in full, is our 2021 letter.

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Issuance, support from equities and volatility: The outlook for convertible bonds in 2021

18 Dec 2020

Shawn Mato, convertible bond fund manager, picks three themes that could have a big say in how the asset class performs in 2021.

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Recovery, divergence and externalities: The outlook for global equities in 2021

15 Dec 2020

Giles Parkinson, global equities portfolio manager at Aviva Investors, looks at three themes that will shape the asset class in 2021.

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