Our approach

Using a holistic investment approach, our dedicated local fixed income investment team is fully integrated into an extensive global fixed income platform and a places a strong emphasis on portfolio construction and risk. Our investment objective is to outperform the FTSE TMX Canadian Bond Universe on both a relative and risk-adjusted basis over a full market cycle.


We aim to provide enhanced and consistent long-term returns that are less reliant on market directionality with lower volatility and improved downside protection. While similar to our Canadian Core fixed income strategy, we leverage our highest conviction global ideas, and remain mindful of non-Canadian risks. We believe there are three key areas of focus that are essential in delivering a resilient fixed income solution: Commitment, Creativity and Construction.


Firm-wide commitment in providing resilient fixed income solutions.

Our Toronto-based team is an integral part of the Aviva Investors global investment team and actively engages in contributing to a diverse range of investment themes and idea generation. Our insurance pedigree makes us natural fixed income investors with a focus on risk allocation and outcomes


An ideas-driven, unconstrained approach bringing together our full global investment capabilities across a broad range of disciplines.

Our innovative research approach incorporates comprehensive capital structure coverage and a valuation-based investment framework based on macro-economic factors, fundamentals, valuation and thematics (MFVT). ESG principles are integrated elements in our investment recommendations, where appropriate.


 Elevating portfolio construction and risk management to the same importance as idea generation.

Our Toronto-based portfolio managers oversee the holistic portfolio construction process, integrating the highest-conviction ideas in a benchmark-aware manner. Optimization helps build conviction on portfolio themes over multiple scenarios, and stress testing helps limit downside risks when our central scenario is challenged.

Key risks

Investment grade bonds have a reputation for safety due to their higher credit quality ratings. However, investing in bonds is not without risk.


If the financial health of the issuer of a bond or money market security weakens, the value of the bond or money market security may fall.

Interest rate

When interest rates rise, bond values generally fall. This risk is generally greater the longer the maturity of a bond investment and the higher its credit quality.

Liquidity risk

A security may become hard to value or may be hard to sell at a desired time and price. This is especially true for securities that trade infrequently.

Canadian Core Plus Team

Investment professionals named may be employees of Aviva Investors Canada Inc. or one of its global affiliates including Aviva Investors America LLC (USA) or Aviva Investors Global Services Limited (UK).


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