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Multi-asset allocation views: The pros and cons of higher-yielding fixed income

16 Jan 2020

Sunil Krishnan asks whether higher-yielding fixed income assets remain good diversifiers for multi-asset portfolios in the current environment.

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Reform: A route to resilience in emerging markets?

13 Jan 2020

Following a series of IMF meetings in Washington, D.C., Carmen Altenkirch and Dariusz Kedziora discuss their views on how reform prospects may shape emerging market debt.

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Climate risk for insurers

12 Dec 2019

Climate risk has become a critical business issue, but a recent consultation by the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority highlights confusion on how to assess it.

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Global high yield in a sub-zero world

24 Sep 2019

In the strongest signal yet that central bank policies are upending the investment playbook, sub-zero conditions are extending to the high yield market for the first time. Sunita Kara, looks at the implications for investors.

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Three steps to improve the green bond market

11 Sep 2019

Green bonds can be a powerful tool for attracting investment in environmental projects, but reforms are needed to promote further growth of the market, argues Colin Purdie.

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Lagarde as ECB chief – independent but integrated?

22 Aug 2019

Christine Lagarde has been nominated to head the European Central Bank at a difficult time for monetary policy given growing fears of a recession in the euro zone. Despite much debate on her credentials, Stewart Robertson argues she is the right candidate for the job.

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As China soars, emerging market investors need a rethink

21 Aug 2019

With China set to dominate EM equity indices over the coming decades, investors need to adjust their approach to the asset class, argues Alistair Way.

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Italy’s threat to the euro has not gone away

30 Jul 2019

The Italian government remains on a collision course with Brussels despite recently striking a deal over its 2019 budget. A mis-step by either side could lead to a fresh euro zone crisis that the new head of the ECB might struggle to contain.

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Sovereign interests: ESG matters in emerging market debt

31 May 2019

The emerging market debt universe offers investors an expanding pool of opportunities that may be better assessed when integrating environmental, social and governance factors.

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Degrees of separation: Re-examining the relationship between EMD and the dollar

7 May 2019

Old assumptions on the traditional link between emerging market debt and the greenback are being challenged, writes Liam Spillane.

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The EM framing fallacy: Emerging market debt and the trials of a misunderstood asset class

7 May 2019

How we frame things deeply affects how we process information and subsequently act on it. So much so that, despite convincing evidence to the contrary, it can be extremely hard to shake off a fabled preconception. It seems that once a label sticks it can be very hard to dislodge.

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Could the euro zone periphery head off the rails again?

17 Apr 2019

Almost a decade on from the sovereign debt crisis, we explore whether the euro zone’s peripheral economies have materially improved or old vulnerabilities will again become apparent as growth slows.

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