AIQ examines the challenges posed by climate change and explores potential solutions

  • Climate change: The journey from denial to crisis

    More than 40 years since a senior NASA scientist told US Congress of concerns about human activities disrupting the climate, experts are warning of an impending climate catastrophe and the financial sector is wrestling with the implications.

  • Why asset managers cannot be passive on climate change

    As active investors step up their engagement efforts on the climate crisis, discussions need to be at the CEO rather than board level, argues David Cumming.

  • Apathy, anger, action: The psychology of climate change

    Psychological barriers can prevent people from acting to avert the climate threat, even when they recognise the problem. So how can we best engage individuals, companies and communities in the quest for solutions?

  • Stranded! When assets become liabilities

    Until recently, many investors made light of dire warnings of the risks posed by assets becoming “stranded” by climate change. However, as the threat becomes reality, fears are mounting that whole industries could be wiped out.

  • ‘Sticking’ it to carbon: The pros and cons of taxing emissions

    With governments urged to do more to tackle climate change, carbon taxes are being touted as a politically expedient solution.

  • Slash and burn: The link between land use and climate change

    Poor land management contributes to rising global temperatures. But solutions are emerging as new technologies improve farming efficiency and consumers shift towards climate-friendly diets.

  • Hot water: The threat of warming oceans

    As the challenges posed by climate change continue to loom large, due attention should be given to oceans, not just the solid ground under our feet and the air we breathe.

  • An inconvenient transition

    Despite deafening calls for countries and companies to step up to fight the climate crisis, research suggests individuals – especially in the developed world – could also make a massive difference if they committed to getting by with less. But will they?

  • Climate data: Seeing through the fog

    Big data is heralded as the answer to almost every problem, so why not the climate crisis?

  • Nuclear: From pariah to saviour?

    As the old saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Despite lingering public anxiety around safety, there are growing calls for the world to look again at nuclear power as part of the solution to the climate crisis.

  • How capitalism can help solve the climate crisis

    Despite the increasing clamour for a global ‘Green New Deal’, Steve Waygood explains why a complementary International Panel on Climate Finance (IPCF) is also needed if we are to rise to the challenges ahead.

  • Biological annihilation: The facts behind the threats to biodiversity and ecosystems

    Over 100 billion people have walked the planet, making a gigantic stamp on the Earth. Around three quarters of the land and around two-thirds of the marine environment have been significantly altered by humans, impacting the carbon cycle and changing the prospects for many species.

Perspectives on the climate crisis

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