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Conflict, commodities and China: The outlook for EMD

13 May 2022

Aaron Grehan and Nafez Zouk from our emerging market debt team explain how the asset class is standing up to some significant headwinds.

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Game over for Zambia? A test case for debt restructuring

12 Apr 2022

The economic fallout from the pandemic has left several poorer nations struggling to repay debt. China, the biggest single creditor to many, could carry considerable clout in negotiations. Zambia will prove an early test case, argues Carmen Altenkirch.

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What does the data say? Credit in focus

31 Mar 2022

In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical themes, we look at key trends in the credit market.

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Now for the hard part…..The challenge of delivering net zero

29 Mar 2022

More than one fifth of the world’s largest listed companies have committed to net-zero targets, but few have detailed roadmaps to get there. Mirza Baig considers the challenges for investors managing transition pathways.

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No time for heroes: How portfolio construction can help investors navigate unfamiliar economic and market regimes

22 Mar 2022

We are back in an old, but unfamiliar market regime. In a period where simple playbooks may falter, Jeremy Albers sets out why portfolio construction can make the difference.

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Russia-Ukraine update: The ten key questions for EMD investors

18 Mar 2022

We assess the near and longer-term implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on emerging-market debt.

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How bond investors can influence companies and governments to change their behaviour for the better

17 Mar 2022

Bondholders are starting to use their power to influence corporate behaviour in areas such as climate change, social inequality and biodiversity loss.

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China, inflation and politics: Three reasons for EM turbulence

24 Feb 2022

Emerging market assets have underperformed developed market peers over the past decade. While this has led to valuation gaps, selectivity will be critical, argues David Nowakowski.

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Untapped potential: Harnessing the full power of bondholder engagement

31 Jan 2022

Investor influence has long been confined to that of equity shareholders. Yet bondholders wield a lot of power. Can they harness it for positive change?

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The future of pharma: Increased returns or the age of biotech?

8 Dec 2021

After decades of low returns on research and development (R&D), the healthcare sector is producing a slew of innovations, from drugs to diagnostics. But with many coming from new entrants, will big pharmaceutical companies manage to keep up with the times?

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The cost of climate change: A big threat to sovereign debt?

3 Dec 2021

Governments around the world are struggling to avert a climate catastrophe. Regardless of whether they succeed, climate change threatens adverse consequences for government bonds, although market impacts are likely to vary.

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Credit: The long and short of ESG investing

25 Nov 2021

Credit is an asymmetric asset class. The upside is a coupon payment and limited capital appreciation; the downside is a default to zero. For all maturities and bond types, ESG integration can play a crucial role in mitigating risk.

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