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Follow the leader: Why companies should take the drama out of CEO succession planning

19 Jan 2023

Botched leadership handovers can severely impair company performance. To satisfy investors, boards need to take succession planning more seriously, argue Trevor Green and Louise Piffaut.

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What does the data say? Reflections on COP27

14 Dec 2022

In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical themes, we look at climate in the aftermath of November’s COP27 event in Egypt.

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Debt, demand and demographics: Can the Chinese economy avoid ‘Japanification’?

29 Nov 2022

With an ageing population, rising debt and vulnerabilities in the property market, China risks following Japan’s path from runaway growth to financial crisis and stagnation. Can Xi’s government rebalance the economy and change course?

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What does the data say? Politics and markets

11 Nov 2022

In this month’s instalment of our visual series on topical themes, we look at how political events have shaped markets in 2022 and further back in time.

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When the numbers don’t add up: UK learns painful lesson not to buck the market

8 Nov 2022

Governments around the world would do well to heed the lessons of recent chaotic events in Britain that concluded with Liz Truss becoming the country’s shortest-lived prime minister.

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Circularity, consumers and change: Making the switch to sustainable materials

3 Nov 2022

To meet net-zero and other environmental targets, companies and governments increasingly need to move towards more sustainable materials. But this will not be without challenges.

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Act now: A climate emergency roadmap for the international financial architecture

1 Nov 2022

To help tackle the climate emergency, financial institutions and governments must work together to reform the global financial architecture and create a more robust net-zero transition plan, argue Steve Waygood and Thomas Tayler.

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Reframe and reclaim: How to win the ESG argument

6 Oct 2022

To restore trust in ESG, we need to be much clearer on its limitations as well as its strengths, argues Mirza Baig.

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So, you’ve set your net-zero target: What next? Practical considerations for asset owners on achieving net zero

27 Sep 2022

Asset owners are increasingly committing to net-zero emissions in their portfolios by or before 2050, but it is a huge and complex undertaking. What do asset owners need to consider as they start on their decarbonisation journey?

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Patterns, partnerships and a Marshall Plan for the planet: An interview with Nigel Topping

21 Sep 2022

The UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for the COP26 summit in the UK sets out how the private and public sectors can work together to tackle the climate crisis and other systemic threats. Words by Miles Costello.

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Ring the changes: An interview with Kate Raworth

16 Sep 2022

The influential academic speaks to AIQ about the flaws in traditional economic thinking and how her revolutionary “Doughnut” offers a fresh approach to solving the world’s greatest problems.

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Moving mountains and markets: A new way to approach systematic risk

14 Sep 2022

A series of market failures have brutally exposed the shortcomings of Modern Portfolio Theory. However, market participants play an active role in markets; they are not mere bystanders. Understanding this could provide a better way to think about and deal with systematic risk.

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