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Why infrastructure investors better beat beta: End of cheap-money era brings risks and opportunities

25 Jan 2023

Benign macroeconomic conditions have boosted infrastructure investments over the past decade. But with higher interest rates, investors in the asset class will have to show they can create true value, says Darryl Murphy.

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Resilience, renewables and rates: The prospects for infrastructure debt in 2023

12 Jan 2023

Infrastructure demonstrated characteristic resilience in 2022 in the face of significant headwinds. Sinéad Walshe and Florent del Picchia from our infrastructure debt team expect more of the same this year.

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The (re)price is right – how long-term investors can capitalise on a turbulent time for real estate

11 Jan 2023

Despite the ongoing turbulence in commercial real estate, Daniel McHugh discusses why market repricing represents an opportunity for long-term investors.

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Building to net zero: The outlook for climate transition real assets

8 Dec 2022

James Tarry and Luke Layfield explore how the accelerating climate transition is creating risks and opportunities for real assets investors.

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From trials and tribulations to the best opportunity in a decade: The outlook for multi-asset real assets

21 Nov 2022

James Tarry and Luke Layfield assess the impact of recent market volatility across real assets and highlight the wealth of investment opportunities for multi-asset investors that could emerge in 2023.

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Building better: Investing in the climate transition through real assets

15 Nov 2022

Investors in real assets can propel the transition to a more sustainable future while also benefiting from portfolio diversification and attractive returns, says Mark Meiklejon.

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ESG considerations for social housing

28 Oct 2022

Social housing plays a pivotal role in providing affordable housing for those most in need of it, benefiting local communities and countries as a whole. But investors considering an allocation to the asset class must pay close attention to the ESG implications, argues Mikhaila Crosby.

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From needs-based to service-based: How the property market is being transformed

27 Oct 2022

Property owners can no longer passively sit back and take steady rental income for granted. To build a successful real estate portfolio, a more active, customer-driven approach is required, explains Jonathan Bayfield.

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Rates, rents and resilience: The outlook for real estate debt

20 Oct 2022

Gregor Bamert discusses the health of UK commercial real estate debt and the effect rising interest rates are having on the asset class.

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Resilience and selectivity: The outlook for real estate long income

5 Oct 2022

Renos Booth, Isabel Gossling and Kris McPhail from our real estate long income team discuss the strengths of long-income strategies in a period of high inflation and rising rates.

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Inflation, volatility and net zero: The outlook for real estate equity

12 Sep 2022

Ben Sanderson and James Stevens from our real estate team discuss risks and opportunities for property investors amid changing work patterns, rising inflation and the race to net zero.

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Conflict, inflation and energy security: An updated outlook for infrastructure investors

6 Sep 2022

Darryl Murphy and Sean McLachlan from our infrastructure team assess how Russia’s war on Ukraine, fears over energy security and surging inflation have changed the prospects for infrastructure investors.

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