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  • Are bond investors too complacent about inflation?

    11 Aug 2021

    US Treasury yields have fallen appreciably in recent weeks, seemingly dismissing the threat of rising consumer prices. Some investors could be in for a nasty surprise if inflation proves more intransigent than anticipated, argue Michael Grady and Katarina Cohrs.

  • Investors should confront the dark side of tech

    9 Jul 2021

    Technology firms are often favoured by ESG funds because of their ostensibly clean, asset-light business models. But investors need to look deeper and challenge unethical and unsustainable practices across the industry, argue Louise Piffaut and Charles Devereux.

  • China’s Big Tech crackdown

    5 Jul 2021

    Like Washington and Brussels, Beijing is worried about the growing power of large technology companies. But China’s regulators are taking swifter, more radical action than their peers in the West.

  • The Anti-Social Network

    2 Jul 2021

    Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are drawing criticism for their failure to tackle hate content. But will the hit to their reputation do any lasting commercial damage?

  • The taming of the few

    1 Jul 2021

    Regulatory authorities around the world are targeting the big US tech giants. However, while investors need to keep a watchful eye on developments, Big Tech’s stranglehold and influence on numerous economic sectors will be hard to loosen.

  • Human rights: The key to understanding the 'S' in ESG

    16 Jun 2021

    Companies cannot thrive without healthy and happy employees, consumers and communities. Investors must use their influence with companies and other stakeholders to ensure the basic rights of these groups are respected.

  • Is there now ‘value’ in value investing?

    2 Jun 2021

    Value or growth? It is an age-old debate and, as Giles Parkinson argues, a slightly irrelevant one given the changing makeup of the economy and the gentle decoupling of intrinsic value from financial statements.

  • Green is not always clean: Rising tide of greenwash brings risks for investors

    19 May 2021

    Some companies have long sought to mislead the public about their commitments to sustainability, but greenwashing has become more widespread and sophisticated in recent years. Now regulators and investors are fighting back.

  • How COVID-19 is accelerating the use of new technologies in construction and manufacturing

    14 May 2021

    During the pandemic, companies have stepped up investments in technology to communicate remotely with customers and keep their businesses running. As well as boosting efficiency and profitability, it also creating investment opportunities in previously overlooked areas.

  • Flipside: Not all externalities are negative

    4 May 2021

    ESG factors have long been viewed as risk factors to manage. Giles Parkinson explores the flipside of this proposition, contending that positive externalities are an under-leveraged investment opportunity.

  • What does the data say? Vaccines, illiquidity and managers called Dave

    26 Mar 2021

    In the first of a new monthly series, we take a visual approach to illustrate topical data themes in economies, markets and beyond. This month we look at the correlation between stock market performance and vaccinations, the illiquidity premium in real assets, and whether there are still more men called Dave running funds than female managers.

  • Why it is getting harder to assess value in financial markets

    19 Mar 2021

    Massive intervention by central banks and governments in recent years has left investors struggling to value financial assets.

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