Our goal is to deliver the specific and meaningful outcomes that matter most to today's investor. To achieve this, we are committed to managing investments according to five key pillars.

We are inspired by our clients' needs

By listening to our clients’ aspirations and understanding the challenges they face, we aim to create the strategies and funds that focus on delivering the specific outcomes they need.

We collaborate to innovate

Our global business acts as one team. By bringing together our knowledge, skill and creativity across major asset classes, disciplines and regions globally we can look to unearth great investment opportunities for our clients.

We believe in informed risk, effectively managed

We manage risk with discipline and rigour. By combining our extensive experience and unique insights, we reach an informed view on every decision throughout the whole investment process.

We are actively responsible investors

We promote sustainable business practices in global markets, encouraging greater transparency and better corporate governance. This helps us to reduce risk and strive to enhance the long-term value of our clients’ investments.

We invest with conviction for the long term

Everything we do is driven by our long-term perspective and our focus on building strategies and funds that are built to last. This ensures we develop long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

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