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House View Q2 2022

27 Apr 2022 14:30 GMT 45 minutes

The war in Ukraine has been the dominant issue affecting economies and financial markets. Join Peter Smith, Investment Director, Harriet Ballard, Multi-Asset Strategist and Sunil Krishnan, Head of Multi-Asset Funds, as they discuss the economic outlook in our latest House View.

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Convertible Bonds – Opportunities for 2022 and beyond

28 Apr 2022 15:00 GMT 60 minutes

An increase in volatility, as well as rising interest rates and inflation, all combine to create a headache for investors. However, two years of elevated issuance activity, a correction in valuation levels and the challenging current market backdrop leave global convertible bonds looking favourable.


Aviva Investors Credit webinar

09 Mar 2022 14:00 GMT 45 minutes

Please join Sunita Kara, Global Co-Head of High Yield and Josh Panton, Investment Director in Credit in this webinar where we look at our latest views on Short Duration Global High Yield.
As well as providing an overall market outlook, you can learn more about why short duration credit and why now and the investor’s successes and lessons from the past decade.


House View Q1 2022

22 Jan 2022 10:30 GMT 45 minutes

As 2021 draws to a close, expectations are for global growth to be around 6 per cent for the year. Join Michael Grady, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, Peter Fitzgerald, CIO, Multi-Asset & Macro, and Raphaelle Moysan, Senior Investment Director, Head of Multi-asset & Macro Investment Specialists, as they discuss our latest House View. 


House View Q4 2021

19 Oct 2021 15:00 GMT 45 minutes

The recent pace of recovery has seen some major economies already surpass pre-COVID levels of activity, with others expected to follow. Join Katarina Cohrs, Senior Multi Asset Strategist, Sunil Krishnan, Head of Multi-asset Funds, and Jennie Byun, Investment Director, Multi-asset & Macro, as they discuss our latest House View. 


Aviva Investors Emerging Market Debt Webinar

06 Oct 2021 09:00 GMT 60 minutes

The beginning of the end for QE, post Covid supply chain disruption and how poorer countries will pay for the cost of a transition to a lower carbon economy. Join Barney Goodchild (Investment Director) and Aaron Grehan (Head of Hard Currency EMD) as they explore how these themes are shaping investment landscape for emerging market debt.


House View Q3 2021

22 Jul 2021 15:30 GMT 60 minutes

As most societies and economies across the world start to tentatively re-open and return to some sort of normality, we look at the outlook for global and regional economies. Seemingly in the blink of an eye, we have moved from the worst global economic recession in nearly 100 years to worrying about inflation in developed markets. Join Stewart Robertson, Senior Economist, Sunil Krishnan, Head of Multi-asset Funds, and Shane O’Brien, Senior Investment Director, as they discuss our latest House View.

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The Chase: Advisers vs Aviva Investors

18 Jun 2021 10:00 GMT 45 minutes

Put your retirement planning expertise to the test and challenge yourself to out-run our best and brightest: Multi-asset CIO, Peter Fitzgerald, and Aviva’s Head of Retirement and Savings, Alistair McQueen.

This event qualifies for 45 minutes CPD

Climate Transition Global Credit: Unpicking the alphabet soup of climate change

09 Jun 2021 10:00 GMT 45 minutes

Low carbon, fossil fuel exclusion, climate solutions… the list goes on. Join the panel as they unpick the alphabet soup of climate change.

This event qualifies for 45 minutes CPD
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